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Planning Holiday Decor: What Kind of Decorator are You?

Do you lean towards casual and earthy decorations or do you always spring for the sparkly and glamorous decor? Or do you always go for elegant traditional holiday decor with all the trimmings? We found two fun online quizzes that help you determine your holiday decorating style.  One is an Easy Holiday Decorating Idea Finder quiz from Better Homes and Gardens.  And the other is a quiz on that you can take to find out your Holiday Decorating Personality!

Once you know what kind of decorator you are and the look and feel you want to achieve with your holiday decor, it’s time to start planning. Here are some helpful tips straight from designers that will help you get organized and make shopping for decor easier.

    • Holiday expert Matthew Mead reminds us that wreaths are not only for the front door. They make great centerpieces for the table, too!
    • Wedding planner Matthew Robins says his favorite trick is to buy large quantities of inexpensive items, such as apples.
    • Designer David Stark says many people forget that presents also make great decor, too! “Instead of wrapping them and sticking them in a closet, I suggest wrapping them early in a palette that works for your home and putting them out in little vignettes.”

Paul Michael Company can make shopping for holiday decor easy with our incredible selection and reasonable prices. From holiday wreaths, to Christmas ribbon and yard displays, you can find the perfect decor to fit your style and budget. Head over to a Paul Michael Company store in Louisiana, Arkansas or Texas to get the best pick of this year’s inventory of holiday decor!


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How to Better Budget for the Holidays

If you follow Paul Michael Company on Facebook, you might have noticed that our first posts for both Halloween and Christmas decorations went up in the same week and before it was even September! Some call this the “Christmas creep,” which is when retailers begin to display Christmas decorations weeks before Halloween. And while this makes some shoppers crazy, it’s actually meant to help! There are many benefits to begin planning for holidays early.

As one thrifty mommy blogger Annie Johnson says, the only way to truly stay on top of your budget during the holidays is to plan ahead.

“… when we don’t plan for these things ahead they can feel like an emergency.  It is so tempting to live like these things are emergencies and pull out the credit card to cover them.  That starts a vicious cycle where you are paying off the last thing when the next one comes up.”

Not to mention, if you wait until you are inspired by the Christmas spirit, you may let the tidings take you too far! That’s why it’s better to actually plan and purchase your Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decor before you are swept away by the holiday cheer, as you are more likely to think carefully about how much you are spending. Why not try to make it an all-cash holiday season? Or how about trying to have all of your exchanges done before Christmas so you can really enjoy the New Year? These are just a couple of the goals you can try to set in order to enjoy a more organized Christmas.

Tell us in a comment what your tricks are for achieving budget-friendly, festive holidays?

For those that are looking for holiday decorations that look more expensive than they actually are, try visiting a Paul Michael Company store in Arkansas, Louisiana or Texas!


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P. Allen Smith’s Home Garden eHow Challenge

Award-winning designer and gardener, P. Allen Smith is taking on a Garden Home Challenge that some might say is nearly impossible. Allen is attempting to build a 1,600 square foot eco-friendly home in only 150 days! But wait, that’s not all. He is attempting to do this with only $150,000!

You can follow Allen through this sustainable home building adventure by tuning in to Allen’s eHow Home Channel on YouTube. See how he is saving energy and saving dollars during each step of the process, which has already been filled with numerous successes, failures and re-dos.

All of us here at Paul Michael Company are following Allen’s challenge not only because we are fascinated by his ambition and hoping to learn a few things ourselves, but because Allen is relying on Paul Michael Company to meet his decorating needs while staying within his budget!  We can’t wait to see what the final product will look like with all of the lamps, tables, chairs and other furniture pieces from Paul Michael Company!

p allen smith

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p. allen smith home garden challenge

7 Ways to Personalize Your Home This Fall

When updating your decor for fall, add personal touches that will create a warm, welcoming environment. Inspired by a Better Homes & Gardens article, here are seven ways you can personalize your home this autumn season.


1. Add or switch out pillows in dining and living areas with warm colors and natural fabrics.

paul michael company

2. Switch out summer decor on mantels with new decorative pieces inspired by autumn.

paul michael company

3. Change out current window treatments for patterned curtains with warm colors.

paul michael company

4. Turn a bare wall or unused space into a new decorative display with a charming flair – be it vintage or rustic.

paul michael company

5. Make your own reading nook under a bay window or expanse of windows.

paul michael company

6. Bring the outdoors in with accessories made of natural materials.

paul michael company


7. Add ambiance lighting and decor to outdoor living spaces to create a relaxing space to enjoy beautiful fall weather.

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Be sure to stop in at your local Paul Michael Company store for fabrics, decor, accessories and more that are all inspired by nature and the beautiful fall season! Here are just a few of the fantastic items we currently have. For pricing and other info on any of these items, please call us at 800.732.3722 or email

decor canton texas

Down pillows in every color you can imagine from Paul Michael Company in Canton, Texas

paul michael store

Turkey dishes & owl vases from Paul Michael Company in Lafayette, Louisiana

paul michael company louisiana

Petrified wood stump from Paul Michael Company in Lafayette, Louisiana


All photos via Better Homes & Gardens

Get a Head Start on Halloween

Can you remember what it was like to be a child on Halloween, when you got to dress up as your favorite story character and be transported into a fantastical world as you chased candy with stars in your eyes? For so many of us, Halloween is a holiday that reminds us of some of our favorite childhood memories!

Now, you can create memories for your own children that they will cherish for years to come by making this fun holiday even more special. Paul Michael Company has all the whimsical Halloween decorations you need to turn your home or Halloween event into a wonderfully spooky experience! From figurines and wreaths to yard props and more, there are plenty of pumpkins, witches, skeletons and ghosts to create an incredibly boo-tiful display!

Here’s a sneak peek at this year’s Halloween decor available at Paul Michael Company in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas.


halloween decor

halloween decorating ideas

halloween decoration ideas

halloween decorations arkansas

halloween ideas


Let’s inspire each other to make this Halloween unforgettable for our families. Share with us in a comment one of your favorite Halloween memories from childhood!




Fall 2012 Decorating Trends

Move the cinnamon, clove and nutmeg to the front of your spice rack because fall is just about here! While preparing your home for the autumn season, think of adding warmth and spice to your home decor. To find out some of the top trends for fall decorating this year, She Knows Home & Garden asked top Pinterst users what they are pinning about.

Andrea Currie of TLC’s Craft Wars says . . .

 “This fall is all about showcasing fun fall colors in mix-and-match patterns.”

fall decor

Via SheKnows

Jennifer McAliley of the Scissors and Spatulas Pinterest page says . . .

“I love decorating outdoors with hay bales, pumpkins and mums (one of my favorite flowers!)”

ideas for fall decor

Via SheKnows

And Jennifer Holmes of the Dear Lillie Pinterest page says . . . .

“My favorite fall decor trend this year (and pretty much every year/season) is to bring the outdoors in!”

Via SheKnows

Paul Michael Company can help you celebrate the autumn season with mesh pumpkins and wreaths galore! Several of our decorative fall items are made with burlap and other natural materials and warm colors. Come by one of our stores to see our fall displays!

fall decorating trends

Burlap-inspired, poly mesh autumn wreath that was made at our Monroe, Louisiana store for the WFR Relief Ministries' HeartFest Banquet.

fall 2012 decorating trends

The "pumpkin patch" at the Paul Michael Company store in Lafayette, Louisiana

Tailgating Tips: Cheering on Your Team in Style

tailgating tips

What comes second to football in the South? Tailgating! Now that the football season is here, it’s time to talk about our favorite game-day traditions. After all, it’s creative decorators and entertainers that put LSU and Ole Miss on the list for the Top Five SEC Tailgating Universities! Whether you’ll be rooting for LSU, Ole Miss or University of Arkansas, Paul Michael Company wants to help you achieve a winning tailgate setup this season.

From table clothes and serving platters to wreathes and flower arrangements and even chandeliers, there’s so many ways to add team colors and excitement to your tailgate. For inspiration, here are some examples of fabulous tailgating decor for some of our favorite southern teams.

tailgating ideas

Via Amy's Party Ideas

tailgate ideas

Via GridIron Belles

Via The Daily South


And to complement your decor, here are some of our favorite team-inspired recipes that we found from Southern Living.


LSU Gumbo Recipe

University of Arkansas Cupcake Recipe

tailgating recipes

Ole Miss Mud Brownie Recipe

tailgating recipes




For more ideas and inspiration for tailgating during the 2012 football season, be sure to check out our Pinterest tailgating page! Are you a tailgating champ? Tell us in a comment what some of your favorite tailgating decorations and easy tailgating recipes are!


Come See What’s New at Paul Michael Company

We love a season change. Not only because it means new color and home decor trends, but because it also means new inventory at the Paul Michael Company stores!

The season of football tailgates, autumn wedding showers and holiday gatherings is upon us, and Paul Michael Company will have everything you need to entertain friends and family this fall.

We are bringing a whole new line of home goods to our floors, including dishware, cookware, towels, holiday decor and more. Some of our new items were even designed out of locally harvested materials exclusively by our designers at the Paul Michael Company store in Lake Village, Arkansas. Here’s a sneak peek.

New Orleans Saints wreath from Paul Michael Company in Lafayette, Louisiana

new orleans saints decorations

Mesh decorative pumpkin from Paul Michael Company in Canton, Texas

holiday decor canton texas

Christmas elf door decor at Paul Michael Company in Canton, Texas

holiday decor canton texas

New inventory at the Paul Michael Company in Lake Village, Arkansas

fall home decor arkansas

The football season is already in full swing and Halloween is right around the corner, so head on down to your local Paul Michael Company store in Arkansas, Louisiana or Texas to get the best pick over our new fall inventory.