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Chevron Accents Can Make Home Decor Pop

You are probably already using stripes in home décor nowadays, as many homeowners already do. But do you really want to? Do you really find them appealing? What about adding a pattern that is different and unique? Chevron accents are a huge trend in the design industry and rightly so. Chevron patterns offer the clean, simplistic look of stripes, but in a more dramatic fashion.

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Though not new, chevron patterns still offer the element of surprise. Many people have not thought to decorate with the pattern yet. Especially when used as accents and details, chevron patterns offer a contemporary, stylish look for a home.

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Bring Spring Home with Pretty Pastels

pastel furniture

Welcome spring with pastel furniture!

The hot new colors showing up in current home decorating ideas are not really hot at all. They are pastels that remind us of candy and ice cream. In the right color combinations, these soft pretty colors become sophisticated palettes.


When used on ceilings and walls, pale blue, mint green and creamy yellow offer a soft backdrop for furniture and accessories. Mix them with stronger hues of purple, navy, brown or black to create depth and sophistication.

Fabrics and Rugs

Find a wonderful pastel print, and build the rest of the room around it. Large patterns are great for rugs or large upholstered pieces. Let them stand out as the room’s focal point, and use solid colors or small prints to finish out the room.

Art and Accessories

A painting in pastel hues provides a great way to introduce smaller touches of color into the room. Choose one color in the painting and use it on a lamp, vase or throw pillows. Introduce pastel hues through books, glassware or fresh flowers. Keep a lot of white or ivory in the room for neutrality.

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White Home Design Paves the Way for Colorful Accessories

bold pillow

Bold, colorful pillows pop against a white background

White serves as a great foundation color for home design in almost any setting to create a sophisticated and practical look. You can then use any variety of colorful accessories to brighten up the room. Consider some of the following ideas to incorporate white into your home.

  • The kitchen. Painted white walls and cabinetry provide a neutral palette on which colorful accents stand out. Ideas include a simple piece of wooden furniture, a rug and brightly colored, seasonal food.
  • White and dark gray. The two contrasting tones create a sense of elegance that works perfectly for the bedroom. Fashion this look with bedding, black and white photographs, and stylish, modern lamps.
  • Interesting accessories. Develop a colorful room with accessories that cohere with the furnishings, and create a cheerful appearance.
  • White on white. Make an impressive statement by hanging white artwork on white walls.
  • Dark furniture. A white room creates an ideal backdrop to show off dark furnishings. Add just a dash of color to the room, with a simple bouquet of single-toned flowers.

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Home Decor: Wild About Stripes!

Stripes are versatile enough to be used in anything from contemporary to traditional designs. They can be used to create a sense of elegance, or to make an impact. Think about it – stripes can really be used in any room of the house on walls, pillows, rugs, windows, lampshades and even ceilings.

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Why not consider some of these home decorating ideas using stripes for your own home?

  • Vertical stripes. Popular in the past, vertical stripes continue to appear in modern trends for their ability to make ceilings appear higher, and create a classic look of elegance. Tone-on-tone designs appear gentle and beautiful, while contrasting colors are highly striking.
  • Horizontal stripes. Used more in modern designs, horizontal stripes create a sense of width in a room. Perfect for casual rooms, these stripes develop a sense of fun.
  • Avoid clashing colors. Stripes are great for making a statement without the need for clashing colors that can make a room cluttered and confused.
  • Complementing decor. Solid-toned furnishings are best used in a room with stripes to ensure the atmosphere does not become too busy.

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Unique Garden Decor Made With Repurposed Household Goods

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Are you looking for unique decorating ideas for your garden? You may not have to look any farther than your own household. Instead of sending your old “junk” to the landfill give them new life in your garden. These reclaimed items can be conversation starters and give your garden a whole new look.

What kinds of items can be re-purposed from your home to you garden. Well, let your mind take flight but following are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Bottles (especially dark blue) for a bottle tree
  • Claw-foot bath tubs
  • Boots and shoes
  • Pallets
  • Glass and glassware
  • Ladders
  • Old tins
  • Coffee cans
  • Boards and other types of lumber
  • Beds, such as futons and even cribs
  • Tables
  • Anything your heart and head can think up

Reusing old household items is a grand way to salvage them. You keep the objects out of landfills and give them new life in your garden. Your garden will get a new look and be filled with objects that were once part of your home.

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Bring a Coastal Atmosphere Into Your Home

coastal home interior design

Image via Coastal Living

If you love the sea and would like your house to have a decidedly nautical atmosphere you can use some home decorating ideas to redecorate. When your house reflects your personality and your love for the coast, you will feel happier and energized when inside the house. You don’t have actually to be at the beach to enjoy your home.

Here are some simple ideas that can get you started:

  • Use blue and green colors on the walls. In fact double shaded or textured walls even add to the design quotient of the interiors.
  • Have light colored furniture inside. Wicker adds a casual and beachy element to the décor.
  • Driftwood wall décor or even small tables give a coastal feel.
  • Bamboo and light-weight curtains complement the light and airy atmosphere.
  • Sea-themed paintings, boats or fish décor give a maritime look to your house.
  • Some colorful accessories can add interesting highlights as home decorating ideas.
  • Have large picture windows to let in light and air and also give a feeling of openness.

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Fun Recycling Projects to Decorate Your Home

You are always looking to do some redecorating in your home. These projects are always fun and give your home a new look. When thinking of home decorating ideas why not give your home a unique and beautiful look along with being eco-friendly at the same time. Keeping used items out of landfills is a great thing to do for our planet.

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Below are a few ideas on getting started with some recycled objects to decorate your home. Let your imagination and whimsy soar!

  • Mini cloches – Turn stemware upside down to enclose small items
  • Paint swatch organizers – Put two swatches back-to-back and stitch together the sides and bottom.
  • Wallpaper tree – Fashion a tree out of old wallpaper and affix to a wall
  • Mason jar lotion dispenser – Convert a Mason jar into a lotion dispenser for a vintage look
  • Fork and spoon door handles – Make door pulls from a fork and spoon from the same set

Home decorating ideas are only limited by your fancy and imagination. Use some common household objects for home decoration to give your home an individual look.

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