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Meet the PMC Team: Amber’s Pumpkin Family

PaulMichaelCompany_MeetTheTeamThis is Amber, she’s a sales associate at our Lafayette store and jack-o-lantern extraordinaire! Instructions on how to make an adorable jack-o-lantern family of your own to follow. First we’re going to let you find out a little bit more about the cutie patootie cajun queen.

What is your favorite item in the store right now? My favorite item in the store is probably the old windows. It was my first purchase after I started working there and it is a great addition to my room.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself…A fun fact about myself is that I like to wakeboard. Over the summer I was able to compete in the beginner division and won first place overall. Hopefully I will advance for next season!

What is your favorite jam at the moment? My favorite jam at the moment is “roar” by Katy perry. All of her music is just fabulous :)

What do you love most about working at PMC? My favorite part about working at PMC would have to be my coworkers. I feel like it is so easy to talk to them and I have gained new friendships.


Featured above Mrs. Jack, Little Jackie, and Mr. Jack.


Materials you will need:

Little Jackie

145011 – 200mm ball ornament w/ glitter – $12.99

PMM29 green mesh ribbon 4″

Mrs. Jack

145017 – 250mm ball ornament w/ glitter – $18.99 / (1/2 off now)

MI/52925 witch hat/legs/shoe – $14.99

ASF/892-BK 6″ feather garland $14.99 / (1/2 off now)

FS/RD076-92 4x10yd glitter dust black $16.99

Mr. Jack

145018 – 300 mm ball ornament w/ glitter – $34.99 / (1/2 off now)

ASF/880 BK/OR 29″ feather/ berry spray $7.99 / (1/2 off now)

1. Choose ornament size

2. On the backside of the black ribbon, draw the jack-o-lantern face according to the size of the ornament (s,m,l)

3. Hot glue the face onto the ornament

Mr. Jack:

* Use 2 (mohawk picks) to create a funky mohwak, pull them apart, then poke them into the ball in a line

Mrs. Jack:

*Using the (hat & legs), separate the legs from the hat. Stuff the inside of the hat with newspaper to keep it standing tall. Hot glue the inner rim of the hat, place on top. For the legs, use floral wire to attach to the ball, add hot glue to secure

Little Jackie:

*Tie a green mesh bow around the string.

To purchase materials contact

Catch the Game Day Spirit

Now that football season has kicked off, we’ve got spirit…how about you?

Around here, we’re seeing some serious football fever, and we’re here to help make everyone’s game day a winner. Whether tailgating outside the stadium or grilling and chilling at home, here’s how to throw a football party in style.

Start with team colors and mesh to create game day wreaths.*
Roll in transportable food stations. Our butcher blocks and islands on casters come in different sizes.
Get cooking with our bake ware and prep tools, and a recipe from one of our many cookbooks.
Put food, snacks and serve ware in wire bins and baskets for easy reach and visibility.
Use trays to move food from the grill to the table.
Ice drinks down in metal buckets.
Have extra seating that is easy to move.pmfg_190

No matter what team you’re rooting for, Paul Michael Company has affordable game day accessories to show your spirit. Shop us online or in store.

*Thank you Pinterest for the photos.

Book Smart

We’ve been hitting the books and our library at Paul Michael Company is expanding. Besides keeping us well read, we also like the versatility that books offer, especially when it comes to interior design.

Think outside the shelf to create a smart look. Books can be combined with art, organized by color or turned into furniture. BookStyles

Paul Michael Company has a wide selection of books ranging in topics from cooking to the unusual. Decorating with paper is high design in our book, so check out our library to learn something new while adding character to your home.