A Much Needed Grown-Up Update


I’ve lived in three different houses and have probably upgraded my decor only three times in my 24 years.  I’ve had the same color room since I was in 7th grade and to this day I still use some of the same decorative accessories I used back then.  Coming to work for the Paul Michael Company, I took advantage of the vast array of decor at my finger tips.  My kitchen, living room, dining room, and hallways were quickly transformed into a cozy yet sophisticated environment.  However, in my year and a half of employment with Paul Michael Company, I never touched my bedroom.  My walls were adorned with paintings I did in middle school and paintings done by my nephew when he was about seven; my idea of a gallery wall.  My hutch was home to all of my jewelry boxes, random pig tchotchkes, and my cheerleading pictures from middle and high school.  After my husband built a new bed so we could retire the bed I used in college, I decided it was time to perform a much needed grown-up update, for both of our sakes.  Here are the results:

Our Bed Before

Our Bed Before

Try not to judge my lack of bed making, I didn’t know this photo would be used for a blog post at the time.

My "gallery wall"

My “Gallery Wall”

Yes, you’re seeing Ren and Stimpy, Ralph Wiggum, and an Andy Warhol replica.  I’m very happy I’ve kept these around over the years, but it was time to send them from the bedroom to the guest room.

Bed upgraded

Bed Upgraded

This corner of our bedroom feels much cleaner now.  To offset my colorful tapestry, my husband chose the Paul Michael Company Resin Elk Head to hang above us at night.  Yes, I love the way it looks.  Yes, it is a little scary to sleep under.

Click for Pewter Bedding (for some reason this bedding photographs blue, but it is a grey tone in-person), Decorative Pillows, and Sheepskin Rug.

The Petrified Wood Stump and Resin Elk Head can be found in-stores.

Yes, scary.

Only a little scary

Now for the hutch.

Hutch Before

Hutch Before

These small keepsakes worked fine in my college years, but should have been retired as soon as my husband and I moved in together.  This update was a little delayed but the results are worth it.

Hutch Upgraded

Hutch Upgraded

The room feels entirely different now and it works for both my husband and me.  This look wasn’t at all hard to achieve.  I replaced my old jewelry boxes with matching bone inlay boxes, I found frames for the photos I just had propped up, I chose a shallow petrified wood bowl to hold the jewelry I swap out daily, and randomly selected accessories I liked (I realized later most of them were animals) to fill the rest of the space.

Click for Rhino Bookends, Mirrored Star, Hippo Figurine, Orange Frame, Small Bone Inlay Box, Medium Bone Inlay Box, Bone Inlay Frame, and White Hour Glass.

The Vintage Crate, Glass Float with Rope, Ceramic Hand and Petrified Wood Bowl can be found in-stores.

Sometimes simple things like changing pillow patterns can make a huge difference and sometimes grabbing the bull by the horns for a whole room redo is exactly what you needed.  And sometimes exchanging your piggy banks for bookends is entirely necessary.

-Ainslea Hooton-Snellenberger


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