Add Water to Your Landscape

There is nothing that creates a more welcoming ambiance for a garden than a delightful water feature. As more homeowners spend time “staycationing” at home, outdoor water features have become very popular and attractive additions to their outdoor living spaces.

Fountains and birdbaths are generally the best suited for a wide variety of different landscapes. No matter what type of water feature you are thinking about installing, there are several considerations you should keep in mind.

Choose a location near your home, to allow your family to enjoy it from indoors or on a patio. However, locate it far enough away from your house to reduce possible water damage. While many homeowners keep their fountain installation away from trees, to avoid leaf debris, others specifically locate their birdbaths near trees, to provide a safe exit for their feathered friends.

A water supply and electricity are the basic minimums for most types.

Create a complete outdoor retreat with your water feature by complementing it with comfortable seating, wind chimes, lush plantings and interesting outdoor art. Paul Michael Home offers a variety of beautiful fountains and birdbaths, as well as Coastal Living merchandise to enhance your garden retreat.

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