Beachy Treasures

beach room

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Lasting memories of fun at a beach, whether it’s from childhood or a more recent holiday are often the inspiration for interior design. The fascination with the sea and shore makes for some wonderful accessories and designs in your residence.



You can find a number of beach themed accessories which you can use to complement your existing interior. If you don’t know where to start you can procure items to act as your focal point. Beyond this, you have a huge selection of products that will give you a wider inspiration in your decor.




If you are inclined to be concerned with conservation, then you will be pleasantly surprised to find the numerous items that have been reclaimed or recycled, as well as an inviting selection of antiques.



Paul Michael Home decor has a number of ideas and items for purchase.that you can implement into your interior. Visit one of our locations or have a peek at what’s new on our Facebook page as you develop your plans.


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