Belmont Plantation: An Old Home and a New Business

Belmont Plantation

It‘s not just southern women that age gracefully but also our homes. Belmont Plantation has been standing since 1857 and is a reminder of the style and sophistication southern homes have always possessed. As some of you know may already know, we are working diligently to make our product available online. During the process it was decided that we needed a special place to photograph it all. The plantation owners graciously allowed the Paul Michael Company to do a photo shoot for our upcoming web store.  With our beautiful merchandise and their amazing home it was easy to achieve the results we wanted. It also reminded us that the Paul Michael Company truly has a place in any home including an antebellum beauty like Belmont!

Fearless Photographer

Here’s a little behind the scenes action from the shoot. Luckily our fearless photographer wasn’t afraid of heights- the ceilings are 14 feet tall! Below is a picture of the living room as we found it, full of old world character and beautiful antiques.

Belmont Living Room

And here is the Paul Michael Company twist. Drum roll please…………………………………………………

PMC Belmont Living Room

Ta-Da!!! We kept one of the family’s existing chairs in the photograph because it blended so well into this bohemian look.

Check back to find out more information about the launch of our new website and to peek at more pictures from this fabulous photo shoot.

PS- If you’re on the lookout for your very own plantation home Belmont is on the market :)

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