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How-To Simple Mardi Gras Wreath Video from PMC Lafayette

Mardi Gras is upon us. For some of us, King cakes replace breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Krewes prepare for elaborate balls and parades. Decorative wreaths adorn the front door. Outfits are planned. Meals are made. Beads are thrown. Some of you may wake up with the rare French disease, Le Hangovaire.

If you haven’t put your Mardi Gras swag up, don’t fret! Just check out this Simple Mardi Gras Wreath How-to video filmed in our store with our customers & staff by Lafayette’s local newspaper, The Advertiser.

Thanks to reporter Sundra Hominik & Mardi Gras aficionado / PMC customer Sandra Booher for letting us show you how we do Mardi Gras. Check out the article about our fab decor here. Hope y’all find the video by Sundra featuring our own designer, Jordan Guidry, super helpful! Contact us at for more instructions. All Mardi Gras decor and materials can be found in our Mardi Gras section online.

Purple & Gold Mardi Gras Mesh

Purple and Gold Mardi Gras Mesh

Colorful Ball Work Wreath

Colorful Ball Work Wreath

6"x10yd Mardi Gras Ribbon

6″x10yd Mardi Gras Ribbon

Set of 4 4in Mardi Gras Ball Ornaments

Set of 4 4in Mardi Gras Ball Ornaments

4"x10yd Fleur De Lis Ribbon - NOW 50% OFF

4″x10yd Fleur De Lis Ribbon – NOW 50% OFF

21"x10yd Purple Mesh

21″x10yd Purple Mesh

4"x10yd Fleur De Lis Ribbon

4″x10yd Fleur De Lis Ribbon

Share with us your Mardi Gras on Facebook & Twitter! What simple Mardi Gras tips do you have to share?

-Elizabeth Michael

How PMC does Mardi Gras

It’s never too early to start decorating for the next holiday. Mardi Gras is just around the corner and it’s a PMC favorite. Our stores have all the swag you need to get your “krewe” ready for the festival!

For those of you who don’t know, Fat Tuesday falls on March 4th this year. Personally this does not leave enough time to consume all of the Kingcake I would like but it does leave me plenty of time to decorate!

Here’s a little inspiration from out Lake Village store.

PaulMichaelCompany_MardiGrasTreePaulMichaelCompany_MardiGrasTreeCarry your tree from Christmas to Carnival by replacing the red accents with purple. Carnival season actually began January 6th on King’s Day which is the Feast of the Epiphany.

photo 2PaulMichaelCompany_MardiGrasWreath

Need a little more “pinspiration”? Check out these photos from Pinterest!

BurlapMardiGrasWreathIf you like to celebrate but prefer a more toned down version try adding a few flashy elements to a burlap base.

Below are a couple of great centerpiece ideas for that fabulous Kingcake feast you know you want to host!MardiGrasBowl MardiGrasCenterpiece Laissez les bons temps rouler! Let the good times roll!

PMC Cooks: Delta Duck Wraps

DeltaMeal_PaulMichaelCompanyGrits + greens + duck wraps = party in yo’ mouth!

The cold weather can’t stop us from having a good time or a good meal for that matter. Since it’s been so chilly the last few days we decided to bring a little heat to our meal time festivities with spicy cheese grits and bacon-jalapeno duck wrap kabobs.

DuckBreast_PaulMichaelCompanyCube duck breast on cutting board.

Jalapeno_PaulMichaelCompanyCut jalapeno into 1/4 inch thick rounds. If you place slices of jalapeno in between duck wraps on skewer they will be spicy but not overwhelming.

DuckKabobs_PaulMichaelCompanyPlace cubed duck breast and hunk of cream cheese on bacon slice. Roll and place on skewer. Add slice of jalapeno between each wrap for a little kick!

CuttingBoard_PaulMichaelCompanyBaste your kabobs with a little honey, then it’s time to put them on the grill. Cook bacon on one side then flip.

Grill_PaulMichaelCompanyOnce bacon is crispy on both sides remove from grill and enjoy.

DuckWraps_PaulMichaelCompanyIngredients for Spicy Cheese Grits:

1 cup yellow stone-ground grits

2 large creole tomatoes

1/2 cup chopped bacon

1/4 cup butter

1/4 cup sliced garlic

3 cups water

1/2 cup heavy whipping cream

1 tsp salt

2 tbsps canned chopped green chiles

1/4 cup mild Cheddar cheese


In a heavy-bottomed sauce pan, cook bacon until crisp. Reserve drippings in pan. Add tomatoes, butter, and garlic. Saute until garlic is tender. Mix in water, cream, salt, and chiles then bring to a boil. Gradually stir in grits, blending well. Reduce heat to medium-low. Cover and cook 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally until thickened. Remove from heat and then blend in cheese until melted.




Easy DIY Holiday Centerpieces

After you put up a tree it’s easy to call it quits but why stop there when there are so many simple ways to spread the holiday cheer throughout your home? I know…you’re thinking who has the time? Well these ideas are super easy and très adorable. You could probably do most of them during the commercial breaks of your favorite holiday special (mine is The Grinch)!

These are some of my favorite Pinterest finds!

ClocheWithCones_PaulMichaelCompany GlobesUnderGlass_PaulMichaelCompany CristmasContainers_PaulMichaelCompnay Fuit&Foliage_PaulMichaelCompanyAll of the above just involve placing a few items in decorative glass. We have all of the ornaments, pinecones, and glass you need to get this look together!

I also liked these less conventional Christmas creations.

DecorDisplay_PaulMichaelCompanyInstead of desserts display your favorite ornaments.

BallBowl_PaulMichaelCompanyDon’t have a fireplace to keep you cozy? I think those candles are a great way to create a festive feel and warm up a room.

LoadedLantern_PaulMichaelCompany MercuryGlassGreenery_PaulMichaelCompanyFollow today’s trends and use lanterns and mercury glass. Bonus points *these items will be easy to incorporate into your home decor even after Christmas!

And now for the grandest of all the DIY Christmas looks! Drumroll please…….

TwigBranchTree_PaulMichaelCompanyPick the container of your choice, grab some branches from the yard, add little bit of floral foam and you’re in business!

Thanksgiving Table Decorations

This is the time of year when we all venture into that sacred area we call the dining room. Nowadays it seems people reserve this room for only the most special of occasions i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, graduations, etc. Since we so rarely enter this room why not show it a little extra love by dressing it up for the party?

First I will give you a little inspiration from our holiday shoot earlier this year!

ThanksgivingTable_PaulMichaelCompanyThanksgivingDining_PaulMichaelCompanyTurkey_PaulMichaelCompanyPlaceSetting_PaulMichaelCompanyIf this seems a little more involved than you were thinking. Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest that look pretty easy to throw together. Plus you can always ask one of our super talented employees for a little help with your holiday decor…we’re basically elves.

PumpkinGlass_PaulMichaelCompanyArtichokesGlass_PaulMichaelCompanyWe are all so busy this time of year that sometimes decorating seems unimaginable but I’m positive I can find enough time to throw some of our pumpkins and artichokes into a piece of decorative glass (which we also carry).

Pumpkins+DoughBowl_PaulMIchaelCompanyIt would also be fairly easy to put some of these items in a dough bowl surrounded by votive candles.

TwigPumpkin_PaulMichaelCompanyAnother great way to jazz up the table is by adding a few pumpkins down the center. Luckily we have a great selection of pumpkins to choose from. Now throw some battery operated candles in the mix and you’re in business!

Simple Holiday Survival Tips

Words like “peace”, “joy”, and “noel” surround the Christmas season and are motifs in Christmas carols and decorative themes.  No one usually associates the words “panic”, “frantic”, or “busy” with the season of good tidings, even though buying the gifts, preparing the house, planning the meal, and finding babysitters usually puts people in a bit of a frenzy.  Holiday entertaining and decorating tips & trends this season can make it easy on your wallet and your sanity.

Paul Michael Company Rustic Chic Christmas

Paul Michael Company Rustic Chic Christmas

Don’t have time to light up the house like the Griswolds?  Don’t fret!  Adding subtle hints of lighting to your front patio will still create a Christmas feel without the weekend commitment of installing lights.  Lantern vignettes and clustered pendant lighting are the perfect way to get the Christmas glow and can be used all year round.


Image via Rocky Mountain Hardware

When your lanterns aren’t being used for lighting, use them for display cases, indoor greenhouses for your small plants, or use them to store your bathroom accessories, like perfumes.  We love these DIY faux terrariums by Pewter and Sage.

faux terrariums_07

Image via Pewter and Sage

  When the Christmas season has come and gone, disperse your pendant lights in various rooms to change things up a bit.   Another idea would be to use pre-lit topiaries. Just plug ‘em in and voila! Your house has instant holiday cheer.

image via Thistlewood Farm

image via Thistlewood Farm

 Using mercury glass is an easy way to get the holiday spirit and also invest in items that can be used year round. Mercury glass adds just enough sparkle for Christmas and New Year’s when paired with natural elements, like pine greenery.

pallensmith mercury glass

via P. Allen Smith

You can use mercury glass vases or bowls with fruit, acorns, and pecans.  Use “home-grown” nostalgia to tie in new elements and make the look your own. Here in the Delta, we all have tons of pecans in our yards. Pecans make great centerpiece & vase fillers.

Mercury Glass Vase

Image via HGTV

 When the Holiday season ends, mercury glass can be tied into a number of different looks like a rustic or vintage home, homes with a French flair, or even a pop of shine in traditional homes.

Image via Elle Decor

Image via Elle Decor

Here is our Luxe Lodge look styled by our lead designer, Lucia Deen. This look incorporates mercury glass and transitions so easily from Holiday to everyday.

Paul Michael Company Luxe Lodge

Paul Michael Company Luxe Lodge

Now that the stage is set on the inside and out, you are ready to accept your family and friends into your home and make new holiday memories. A lot of times, holiday memories are made around a meal, by hand and out of time honored, family recipes. Unless you have a small army of Christmas elves to help, you should always try to make things as simple as possible. Porcelain bakeware imported from Portugal can go straight from the freezer to the oven up to 500 degrees to your table, so you can prepare in advance.

Paul Michael Company Porcelain

Paul Michael Company Porcelain

The Paul Michael Company imported porcelain from Portugal and took extra care to ensure the highest quality and design.   

Paul Michael Company Porcelain

Paul Michael Company Porcelain

These are just a few basic tips to get you started inside and out. Stay tuned for more! If you cannot wait until our next post about Holiday decorating, visit one of our stores to consult with one of our talented team members :)

Last Minute Tricks and Treats

If Halloween snuck up on you, there’s still time to get in the spirit. Come by our stores to treat yourself to our Halloween decorations that are all half priced.

Here’s are some last-minute ideas to pull off a spook-tacular Halloween.

Trick out an entry way table with pumpkins, candles and accessories that scream Halloween.

Say “BOO” at the front door with spiders, skeletons and candlelit jack-o-lanterns.

While you shop for decorations, ask one of our crafty employees to create a whitchy wreath for you.

Don’t leave the ghosts and goblins in the dark tomorrow night. Paul Michael Company can help you create a scene that invites tricks and treats.

Meet the PMC Team: Amber’s Pumpkin Family

PaulMichaelCompany_MeetTheTeamThis is Amber, she’s a sales associate at our Lafayette store and jack-o-lantern extraordinaire! Instructions on how to make an adorable jack-o-lantern family of your own to follow. First we’re going to let you find out a little bit more about the cutie patootie cajun queen.

What is your favorite item in the store right now? My favorite item in the store is probably the old windows. It was my first purchase after I started working there and it is a great addition to my room.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself…A fun fact about myself is that I like to wakeboard. Over the summer I was able to compete in the beginner division and won first place overall. Hopefully I will advance for next season!

What is your favorite jam at the moment? My favorite jam at the moment is “roar” by Katy perry. All of her music is just fabulous :)

What do you love most about working at PMC? My favorite part about working at PMC would have to be my coworkers. I feel like it is so easy to talk to them and I have gained new friendships.


Featured above Mrs. Jack, Little Jackie, and Mr. Jack.


Materials you will need:

Little Jackie

145011 – 200mm ball ornament w/ glitter – $12.99

PMM29 green mesh ribbon 4″

Mrs. Jack

145017 – 250mm ball ornament w/ glitter – $18.99 / (1/2 off now)

MI/52925 witch hat/legs/shoe – $14.99

ASF/892-BK 6″ feather garland $14.99 / (1/2 off now)

FS/RD076-92 4x10yd glitter dust black $16.99

Mr. Jack

145018 – 300 mm ball ornament w/ glitter – $34.99 / (1/2 off now)

ASF/880 BK/OR 29″ feather/ berry spray $7.99 / (1/2 off now)

1. Choose ornament size

2. On the backside of the black ribbon, draw the jack-o-lantern face according to the size of the ornament (s,m,l)

3. Hot glue the face onto the ornament

Mr. Jack:

* Use 2 (mohawk picks) to create a funky mohwak, pull them apart, then poke them into the ball in a line

Mrs. Jack:

*Using the (hat & legs), separate the legs from the hat. Stuff the inside of the hat with newspaper to keep it standing tall. Hot glue the inner rim of the hat, place on top. For the legs, use floral wire to attach to the ball, add hot glue to secure

Little Jackie:

*Tie a green mesh bow around the string.

To purchase materials contact

Catch the Game Day Spirit

Now that football season has kicked off, we’ve got spirit…how about you?

Around here, we’re seeing some serious football fever, and we’re here to help make everyone’s game day a winner. Whether tailgating outside the stadium or grilling and chilling at home, here’s how to throw a football party in style.

Start with team colors and mesh to create game day wreaths.*
Roll in transportable food stations. Our butcher blocks and islands on casters come in different sizes.
Get cooking with our bake ware and prep tools, and a recipe from one of our many cookbooks.
Put food, snacks and serve ware in wire bins and baskets for easy reach and visibility.
Use trays to move food from the grill to the table.
Ice drinks down in metal buckets.
Have extra seating that is easy to move.pmfg_190

No matter what team you’re rooting for, Paul Michael Company has affordable game day accessories to show your spirit. Shop us online or in store.

*Thank you Pinterest for the photos.

Decorations that Mesh

At Paul Michael Home, it’s never too early to start thinking about holiday décor. That’s why our stores are filled to the brim with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. The countdown is on so now is the perfect time to get crafty and start decorating. The creative possibilities are endless when our stores are stocked with:
1. Walls of colorful mesh…
2. Rolls of textured ribbon…
3. Fun accessories…
4. Bright foliage…
5. Crafting supplies to make it personal…

We like to combine all these elements to create one-of-a-kind wreaths and garland. These are fun, easy and affordable projects that can be made at home with a group of friends or kids. Our experts in the Creation Station can even design something just for you, like Tanna’s witch hat. IMG_1672

Come visit us at any of our locations and we’ll show you how to bring the holidays home.

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