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Red, White and Blue-tiful

The 4th of July is one of those low-pressure holidays because it’s all about friends and family getting together, grilling out, and keeping things as simple as possible. This applies to decorating as well. You can combine household items to create a patriotic theme of red, white, and blue. We’ve taken a little of this and that to make our table pop with color.

Red chairs invite guests to sit down and stay a while. A white star lantern shines bright when the sun sets. The big blue vase provides a focal point for fresh cuts from the garden. Oranges are stored in a red ceramic bowl, and red delicious apples are good enough to eat. These everyday items are perfect for decorating for your 4th of July celebrations but can also be used throughout the year—talk about bang for your buck!  

So, no need to stress when it comes to last-minute decorating ideas for the fourth! Paul Michael has wreaths, ceramics, lighting, décor, and accessories to make your party red, white, and blue-tiful.


Decorative Winter Wreaths

Although there is a connection between the winter holidays and decorative wreaths, a wreath can be successfully implemented into tasteful decoration during any season. Experimenting with alternative materials, various color schemes, and cute themes, you can craft something impressive with minimal time and effort.

Stay winter ready with a beautiful holiday wreath

Image via Pinterest

A comfortable, traditional, feeling can be inspired by a well-constructed wreath in dark browns and neutral tones. Consider using a retired wheel as the base for your project and supplementing it with natural items such as sticks, leaves, and berries.

Bright flowers, colorful herbs, and man-made decorative accessories can combine for an uplifting and fun summer wreath. Try to stick to a monochromatic theme and match existing atmosphere or even use small, fresh, fruits for a novel appeal, though this may cause for a short-lived wreath.

You can also make wreathes for other holidays.  For example, folding together green, purple, and yellow ribbon into a bushy wreath sets a lovely Mardi Gras tone. It can be accentuated with bright baubles, bells, beads, and balls to add a festive touch and adorning the wreath with appropriate masks will pull the message together.

For unique materials and inspiration for your next wreath project, be sure to stop by Paul Michael Company.  We have stores in Lake Village, AR; Canton, TX; Monroe, LA; and Lafayette, LA.  Be sure to visit us on Facebook!

Holiday Party Entertaining Tips and Ideas

Are you gearing up for entertaining guests at your fabulous holiday party? You can make your celebrations even more special by putting your own spin on seasonal creations. Here are a few DYI ideas for putting your personal touch on yuletide festivities.

Holiday party home decorations

Image via Houzz

Personalize Background Music
Even party needs a soundtrack, so choose something that reflects your crowd’s taste. If you like bluegrass, find bluegrass holiday music. If jazz is your speed, grab a big band seasonal CD.

Pass on Eggnog
Some people genuinely enjoy eggnog, but many do not. Keep it fresh with unexpected cocktails like mojitos. If you prefer a dry party, pick exotically flavored sodas and seltzers to add some excitement to your beverages.

Custom Party Favors
You know your guests best, so use it to their (and your) advantage. Personalize party favors for each guest to show your appreciation. They will certainly appreciate you!

Play with Color
Go outside of the holiday box and opt for nontraditional colors. Using color schemes with purple and yellow can be a refreshing change that guests are sure to remember.

Are you looking for more holiday entertaining tips and ideas? Then visit one of the four Paul Michael Company locations, home of the famous “Creation Station” for making your own wreaths.

7 Unique Ways to Wrap Holiday Presents

Wrapping gifts can be almost as exciting as giving them to your loved ones! It’s a great opportunity to show off your creative side and the love and care that went into picking out the perfect present. Instead of sticking with the ordinary store-bought wrapping paper this year, branch out and try some of these unique ways to wrap your holiday gifts.


Start with simple brown paper and then spice up it up with a homemade paper snowflake.

10 Unique Ways to Wrap Holiday Presents

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Create your own unique Christmas ribbon by simply using strings of colorful yarn. 

paul michael company

Via Pinterest

Find some holiday themed cloth and swaddle it around your present. In addition to being festive, the fabric can be reused, too!

10 Unique Ways to Wrap Holiday Presents

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Hold on to your Sunday paper and use it as a way to wrap your holiday gifts.  Believe it or not, you can even create a decorative bow for your gift out of newspaper, too!

10 Unique Ways to Wrap Holiday Gifts

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If you are feeling especially crafty, create a felt garland of colorful circles or stars in varying sizes and attach them to your gifts.  If you have any leftover, you could even use this garland to decorate your home!

10 Unique Ways to Wrap Holiday Gifts

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For a stylish shabby-chic wrapping job, use burlap to wrap presents and pair it with raffia or ribbon. 

paul michael company

Via Pinterest

Use an inexpensive map to wrap a present and finish it with a bright ornament.  

paul michael company

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How the Most Popular Christmas Traditions Came to Be

There are so many sights, sounds, and smells that make the holiday season magical. Wouldn’t you like to know where some of these Christmas symbols originated from? Here’s a quick little history lesson on some of our favorite Christmas traditions.

Nutcrackers: These little men stem from the iconic ballet that remains one of the most treasured Christmas activities. According to German folklore, these wooden dolls were given as keepsakes to bring good luck and protection to your home. The nutcracker represents strength and was believed to ward off evil spirits. And today, it is an added bonus that these popular Christmas decorations can be put to use at the dining table!

Christmas Trees: For hundreds of years, evergreen trees have remained a special symbol of winter. In some cultures, these year-round trees were believed to ward of evil and illness. The tradition of displaying an evergreen at Christmas time, however, began in Germany. Years ago, Germans began bringing trees indoors to decorate their homes during the holidays. At first, Americans found this very strange, but now the Christmas tree is the ultimate symbol of the season!

Mistletoe: According to Celtic legend, this plant was cherished for its ability to bring good luck and heal wounds. But over the years, we started hanging this small bushel of holly and using it as an excuse to sneak a quick Christmas kiss. Who knows how it went from Celtic mythology to kisses? But we do know one thing: it’s the most romantic Christmas tradition of them all.

 Does all this talk of Christmas have you in the decorating spirit? Make sure to stop by Paul Michael Company for a wonderful selection of gorgeous Christmas decorations from nutcrackers and ornaments to Christmas ribbon and DIY holiday wreaths.
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5 Great Gift Ideas from Paul Michael Company

Still have gifts left on your holiday shopping list? Paul Michael Company can serve as a one-stop shop for your gift list this holiday season! From gorgeous home decor to unique local art, Paul Michael Company offers a wide variety of gifts with genuine character and personality. Here are just five ideas for wonderful holiday gifts that will be meaningful and memorable.


1. You can never go wrong with a pretty Christmas Chateau Ornament from Paul Michael Company.

paul michael company christmas decor


2. Give someone a special holiday wreath that you made at a Paul Michael Company store just for them!

holiday wreaths paul michael co

3. Decorative pillows always make a fun gift for homeowners that love to decorate and re-decorate.

paul michael company

4. Someone who likes a little sparkle will love our bubbly chandelier wreath.

lighting paul michael co

5. For a great coffee table book for Delta natives, we recommend The Delta: Landscapes, Legends and Legacies of Mississippi’s Most Storied Region.

great gift ideas

For more information on these gifts and others, please email

Fresh Ideas for Christmas Table Settings

Make Christmas dinner even more magical this year with a creative theme for your tablescape. From centerpieces and chandelier decor to napkin holders and place cards, there are many ways you can decorate your dining table to make it extra special. To inspire you to get a little creative with your dinner table decor, here are some of our favorite ideas for Christmas table settings on Pinterest.

Transport your guests to a whimsical wonderland by choosing an energetic color palette and incorporating bright ornaments and a little sparkle.

paul michael company

Create a gorgeous woodland scene with natural evergreen branches, pinecones, twigs and other rustic decor like earthy candle holders homemade from mason jars.

paul michael company holiday decor

To achieve a winter wonderland effect, try hanging snowflakes, ornaments or other pretty decor from the light fixture or chandelier above your Christmas table.

paul michael company

Dress up the chairs! Come up with a unique way to incorporate your dinner table chairs into your tablescape theme.

paul michael holiday decor

 Tell a story with your Christmas table decor. This holiday setting features a table runner made from actual pages of an old book – how neat!

paul michael company


Do you know of any other creative ways to dress up your Christmas table? How are you planning on adding holiday cheer to your table for Christmas dinner? Share with us in a comment!

Paul Michael Company in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas has all of the Christmas decorations and any other materials you need to achieve a designer Christmas table setting this year! Come by one of our stores and we’ll help you with your theme, color palette, table runner, centerpieces, place cards and even your dinnerware!


DIY Holiday Decor with Burlap

Here at Paul Michael Company, we think that burlap simply doesn’t get enough credit! While burlap sometimes gets a bad reputation, this fabric is actually one of our favorite materials to use for DIY holiday decorations! Here are just a few reasons why we love to decorate with burlap during the holidays:

  • Burlap is easy to find and inexpensive!
  • It’s versatile; burlap can be used for everything from wrapping presents to creating a festive tablescape.
  • The neutral color allows it to complement any color scheme and interior design style, from refined rustic to vintage-chic.
  • Burlap adds wonderful natural texture to interiors and decor.
  • Last but not least, burlap is an all-natural, renewable fabric, so it’s eco-friendly!

For inspiration, here are 6 ways you can achieve designer holiday decor with burlap:


1. Make burlap bags with ribbon and holly that are perfect for holding seasonal potpourri or even small gifts.

paul michael company

Via Southern Living

2. Use ribbons of burlap to trim the tree.

eco-friendly holiday decor

Via Apartment Therapy

3. Create your own festive place holders for your holiday tablescape with burlap pouches filled with greenery.

diy holiday decor

Via Laurenscape

4. Make your own shabby-chic holiday table runner from burlap.

diy christmas decor

Via Budget Wise Home

5. Design your own vintage burlap Christmas stockings

vintage christmas decorations


6. Deck the halls with DIY burlap holiday wreaths.

diy christmas decor

Via Pinterest

Last Minute Halloween Decorations at Paul Michael

halloween decor arkansasIt’s not too late to make Halloween more exciting for you, your family and your whole neighborhood this year! Paul Michael Company still has plenty of fun Halloween decorations left at our stores in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.

From orange and purple wreaths to spooky yard props to glass jack-o-lanterns, we have tons of festive decor that will instantly turn your home into one of the best trick-or-treating stops on the block!

The beauty of our last minute Halloween decorations is that you don’t have to have tons of time or money, either. Our Halloween decorations are ready for display and require no assembly. On top of all that, we’ve marked much of our Halloween decorations down by 25 percent and some even 50 percent! Hurry and take advantage of these 25 percent and 50 percent discounts before it’s too late!

And don’t forget to stock up on treats to hand out to trick-or-treaters! If you are looking to get a little creative this Halloween (and avoid the temptation of leftover candy), here’s a great article from TLC Parentables with unique ideas for candy alternatives that kids will actually love!


holiday decor paul michael


Beautiful & Bountiful Thanksgiving Table Settings

No need to plan your entire Thanksgiving menu just yet. But if you want to plan early, now is the time to start thinking about your Thanksgiving tablescape. As we discussed in our recent post, Tips on How to Better Budget for the Holidays, planning holiday decor ahead of time helps prevent overspending and stressing!

With a beautiful Thanksgiving table setting, you can create the ideal atmosphere for giving thanks with family and friends. First, think about the look and feel you want your Thanksgiving table to have. For instance, do you want it to be rustic, casual, traditional or elegant? Next, think of creative ways to add warmth and decor that symbolizes bounty, thankfulness and joy.

For inspiration, here are the top pins for Thanksgiving decor currently on Pinterest.

thanksgiving decor arkansas

Via Delish

thanksgiving decor texas

Via A Home in the Making

thanksgiving decor arkansas

Via Layla Grayce

thanksgiving decor texas

Via Holly Tripp Event Design

Via Sweet Something Design

To find additional ideas for meaningful Thanksgiving decor, be sure to check out our recent posts on fall and Thanksgiving traditions. Then, when you start shopping, make it easier on yourself by heading to Paul Michael Company, your all-in-one store for holiday home decor in Arkansas, Louisiana or Texas.

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