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How to Stylishly Work Ribbon into a Christmas Tree

Would you love to have your tree beautifully wrapped in ribbon this year? For those of you who want to do it yourself, Paul Michael Company has made another holiday how-to video featuring Ms. Christmas, Julie and our elf, Ann, and this one shows you how to work ribbon into your tree for a stylish effect. Take a look…

Ms. Christmas not only takes you through the process of decorating your tree with ribbon, but also shows you techniques for doing so with two different types of ribbon: wired ribbon and mesh ribbon. And here’s an insider’s tip (shhhh): It may be easier to work ribbon into an artificial tree than a live tree.

Would you like to top your ribbon-wrapped tree with a gorgeous bow? Check out our video on how to make a bow for a tree topper.

At Paul Michael Company, we think Christmas decorating should be fun! Stop by one of our four locations for help making your holiday decorating even merrier this year.

Am I a Salesperson or Counselor?

A mother-daughter shopping couple was in need of some design advice for holiday wreaths and garlands. I was helping them, and eagerly we started picking out color schemes and all the stuff to put the decorations together. We began with the basics, and then went to our gorgeous ribbons.

They disagreed on which one went best with our designs. Things started to get heated between them—downright mean, even. I tried to find a ribbon they both liked, but the whole experience turned out to be way more than just the ribbon. All this anger and crazy talk started, and I just quietly disappeared into the store.

Still—oh my gosh!—they found me, and we tried to continue shopping. After two hours of helping them I felt like I needed to put out my “10₵ counselor is in” sign. No one was smiling, so I tried to help them with humor. When they were close to checking out, I asked them, “OK, I know who is going to pay for the Christmas decorations, but who is going to pay me for the counseling session?!” There was a giggle from them, and they replied, “We have already paid for that! Many, many times.”

“From now on, just come to Paul Michael’s for some retail therapy; it’s cheaper and seems to work!”

—Deborah Michael

Wacky, Fun Things Our Customers Say: Why One Husband Decided to Start Decorating

We had a great show in Houston! There were thousands and thousands of shoppers, all so excited to shop Paul Michael. Glitter stems and picks, ribbons and ornaments were tossed about like popcorn in a theater. And with crowds like this, we often have funny stories at the end of the day—we consider them “customer encounters of the THIRD kind.” Needless to say, we thought it would be fun to share some of these on our blog. Here’s the first:

An elderly couple was shopping for a new wreath for their home. At first the man wasn’t engaged at all, until he watched our designers. The woman decided that they, too, wanted to make their own wreath, so she was trying to pick a color scheme, components and more when suddenly her husband got totally into it, took charge and designed his first wreath—and it was a great one to boot! His wife became a little frustrated at this point and said to him, “After 40 years of marriage, you decide now to help me decorate? I thought you just liked baseball!?” He replied, “Well dear, you never told me all these pretty ladies were here, and I’d be the only guy.” The wreath he designed was beautiful. We think we put him in touch with his artistic self, which he never knew existed!

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How to Make a Bow for a Beautiful Tree Topper

We know many decorating enthusiasts out there are already getting out their holiday décor, including seasonal evergreens. If you’re thinking about placing something other than a star or angel atop your Christmas tree this year, consider using a big, beautiful bow—you can even make one yourself! Not sure how? Not to worry! Paul Michael Company has made a holiday how-to video featuring Ms. Christmas, Julie and our elf, Ann, that takes you through the bow-making process.

Just watch the video, and soon you’ll be a pro at making pretty holiday bows, from starting with the tail of the ribbon to looping and twisting until you’re finished. About five yards of ribbon is all you need for a large bow.

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