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Coke Crate Decorating

Vintage drink crates have been a part of the Paul Michael Company decorating repetoire for three seasons in a row now.  Paul has always had a passion for antique picking;  his true loves are his wife, Debbie, building one of a kind pieces in his woodshop, and finding antique pieces at a bargain.  Needless to say, Paul has a soft spot for the vintage drink crates.  We’ve explored all kinds of ways to use these in our displays and got a little curious how other folks were using them.  So we took to the nerve center of all DIY decorating ideas:  Pinterest.  Of course this little investigation opened up a whole new world of ideas for reclaiming vintage crates.


Reclaimed Crate Advent Calendar


Reclaimed Crate Advent Calendar


Crate Photo Prop


Reclaimed Crate Chandelier


Reclaimed Crate Coffee Table


Reclaimed Crate Pet Feeder


Reclaimed Crate Drawers


Reclaimed Crate Planter


Reclaimed Crate Spice Rack


Crate Wedding Decor


Crate Wedding Decor

Get started on your own reclaimed crate project with our vintage drink crates for only $16.99!

-Ainslea Hooton

Outdoor Living at its Best

Around here, fall seems to be everyone’s favorite time of year. The cooler temperatures and colorful leaves invite us back outside to enjoy new scenery and flavors. We prefer to sit on the patio in these hand crafted Adirondack chairs while sipping on a seasonal red wine.

Made in Napa, these Adirondack-style chairs are repurposed from old oak wine casks.

Made in Napa, these Adirondack-style chairs are repurposed from old oak wine casks.

On one of their adventures to California, Debbie and Paul stumbled upon similar Adirondack chairs. They loved the detail of the wood and knew there was something different about it, so they tracked down the artisan who makes them in Napa. Turns out, these chairs (and tables, too) are handcrafted from old oak wine casks. Maybe that’s what makes this the perfect chair for wine drinking.

Whether you’re sitting by the fire, entertaining under the harvest moon or enjoying the crisp autumn air, Paul Michael Company has outdoor furniture and accessories that can fit your needs. Stop by our stores and shop online to savor the season in style.

Decor That Goes from the Wedding Sanctuary to Your Personal Sanctuary

Many people dream of a spring wedding, and it’s the most common time of year that couples choose to get married for plenty of good reasons, the biggest of which is that the weather is always great, allowing for outdoor ceremonies and receptions that wouldn’t have been comfortable for guests even a month before.

Using decor at your reception that you can later use in your home is a great and functional way to go about choosing your decor. It’ll save you money in the long run as well! Paul Michael Company did just that recently at a wedding very close to us –  Paul’s youngest daughter just got married! So of course, we incorporated lots of goodies from PMC that will fit in fantastically inside the newlyweds’ home now that the ceremony is over.

Decor at the wedding

Decor at the wedding.

Decor at the wedding.

Decor at the wedding.


Decor at the wedding.

Decor at the wedding.

Just to give you some ideas, here are some of the items we used in the wedding that can also be brought home and put to good use. Don’t forget that you can register for all these items and more at your local Paul Michael Company store!


Cutting board via Paul Michael Co.


Sofa via Paul Michael Co.


Chair via Paul Michael Co.


Glass vase via Paul Michael Co.


Decorative glass cake stand via Paul Michael Co.


Decorative platter via Paul Michael Co.

Be sure to visit your closest Paul Michael Co. store for details on how we can help dress up your spring or summer wedding!

Fun Recycling Projects to Decorate Your Home

You are always looking to do some redecorating in your home. These projects are always fun and give your home a new look. When thinking of home decorating ideas why not give your home a unique and beautiful look along with being eco-friendly at the same time. Keeping used items out of landfills is a great thing to do for our planet.

Paul Michael Company

Image: Digital Photos

Below are a few ideas on getting started with some recycled objects to decorate your home. Let your imagination and whimsy soar!

  • Mini cloches – Turn stemware upside down to enclose small items
  • Paint swatch organizers – Put two swatches back-to-back and stitch together the sides and bottom.
  • Wallpaper tree – Fashion a tree out of old wallpaper and affix to a wall
  • Mason jar lotion dispenser – Convert a Mason jar into a lotion dispenser for a vintage look
  • Fork and spoon door handles – Make door pulls from a fork and spoon from the same set

Home decorating ideas are only limited by your fancy and imagination. Use some common household objects for home decoration to give your home an individual look.

For more information on ideas and material for decorating your home check out The Paul Michael Company!

7 Unique Ways to Wrap Holiday Presents

Wrapping gifts can be almost as exciting as giving them to your loved ones! It’s a great opportunity to show off your creative side and the love and care that went into picking out the perfect present. Instead of sticking with the ordinary store-bought wrapping paper this year, branch out and try some of these unique ways to wrap your holiday gifts.


Start with simple brown paper and then spice up it up with a homemade paper snowflake.

10 Unique Ways to Wrap Holiday Presents

Via Houzz


Create your own unique Christmas ribbon by simply using strings of colorful yarn. 

paul michael company

Via Pinterest

Find some holiday themed cloth and swaddle it around your present. In addition to being festive, the fabric can be reused, too!

10 Unique Ways to Wrap Holiday Presents

Via Houzz


Hold on to your Sunday paper and use it as a way to wrap your holiday gifts.  Believe it or not, you can even create a decorative bow for your gift out of newspaper, too!

10 Unique Ways to Wrap Holiday Gifts

Via Houzz


If you are feeling especially crafty, create a felt garland of colorful circles or stars in varying sizes and attach them to your gifts.  If you have any leftover, you could even use this garland to decorate your home!

10 Unique Ways to Wrap Holiday Gifts

Via Houzz


For a stylish shabby-chic wrapping job, use burlap to wrap presents and pair it with raffia or ribbon. 

paul michael company

Via Pinterest

Use an inexpensive map to wrap a present and finish it with a bright ornament.  

paul michael company

Via Pinterest

All photos via Houzz

P. Allen Smith Picks Out Lighting at Paul Michael Company

As you may already know, garden expert and icon P. Allen Smith is currently attempting to plan, build and design an eco-friendly designer home in only 150 days with only $150,000 for the Home Garden eHow Challenge. And in order to furnish the home with beautiful yet affordable and eco-friendly decor, Allen has been coming to Paul Michael Company.

paul michael company

Just recently, Allen came to the Paul Michael Company store in Lake Village, Arkansas to take a look at some gorgeous recycled bottle lamps. These oversized light fixtures made from repurposed wine vessels can add wonderful height to interiors and are available in any color glass. Watch this video to see and learn about the lamps and also hear what Allen thinks about them.

You can track Allen’s progress throughout the building and designing process of the Home Garden Challenge and see whether he chooses to use the lamps and where by tuning into the eHow Home Channel on YouTube.



An Easy Handmade Wreath Perfect for Summer Decor

The manager of the Paul Michael Company store in Monroe, Louisiana – Kate Roane – recently shared a wonderfully creative idea on our Facebook page for a charming DIY ribbon wreath. We loved it so much, we wanted to share it on our blog to make sure all of our customers and followers see it!

This decorative ribbon wreath is simply delightful and simple to make! Start with 5 to 8 different rolls of colorful ribbon, scissors and a circular object that you can recycle or repurpose into a wreath. Then, cut several 12- to 16-inch pieces of your ribbon and begin tying them around the working wreath. Straighten the tails of the different ribbon ties to go in opposite directions creating a fan effect. Fill the entire wreath; the more ribbon the merrier! Finally, add a personal touch by using wire to attach a fun welcome sign or piece of art.


paul michael company

paul michael company

paul michael company

paul michael company

paul michael company

What a fun and easy craft project and a wonderful way to greet guests this summer! Thanks Kate!

Show us your crafty side and post a photo of your own handmade ribbon wreath on the Paul Michael Company Facebook page. Don’t forget to “like” us while you are there to see our latest ideas and inspiration for home design and decor.


From Skis to Chairs: See Paul’s New Creation!

Things are reaching new creative heights in Paul’s World. His latest creation is an adirondack chair made of—drum roll, please—vintage snow skis from around the world!

These chairs are so cool, and being repurposed from something old into something functional and new, they’re green as well. The skis come from different vintages and countries, making the chairs as unique as can be.

They’re perfect for spending a relaxing day or evening out on the patio, sipping sweet tea or enjoying the latest bestseller.

The unlikely switch from cold-weather accoutrement to warm-weather furniture makes them even more unexpected and the perfect conversation starter.

What do you think about this ski to chair transformation? Leave a comment below to let us know!

You can stop by a Paul Michael Company store to see more of our offerings. We have locations in Lake Village, AR; Monroe, LA; Lafayette, LA; and Canton, TX.

Green Furnishings and Home Decor

Earth Day is April 22, and the environmentally friendly holiday has us thinking about going green with furnishings and home décor. More and more, people are becoming aware of how important it is to make green practices and products a part of our everyday lives.

The importance of recycling was one of the things that prompted Paul Michael Company to start designing and manufacturing a line of furniture and accessories in Arkansas. As we explain in our history:

Today we refer to these original designs as Paul’s World ~reclaim, reuse, recycle, redecorate~ everything is 100% American made and the majority of items are constructed of architectural salvage and reclaimed wood that Paul has been collecting for years.

One of our exclusive pieces, for example, is this storage furniture made from reclaimed native wood and found, antique galvanized mechanist buckets.

Contact us to find out more about Paul’s World. Happy early Earth Day! How have you gone green at home?

From Tree to Furnishings: Manufacturing in the U.S.

We recently acquired a giant tree trunk, and we know we’ll be turning the wood into something fun for Paul’s World. Just look at the potential here!

We’re not only looking forward to transforming this tree, but also love the idea of repurposing old wood and manufacturing here in the U.S. Going local is a concept we’ve been championing at Paul Michael Company for a while, and now many believe there will be a return of manufacturing to the U.S.—and soon.

In fact, a recent article in the Harvard Business Review discusses an upcoming U.S. “manufacturing renaissance,” including the furniture industry as one of the main categories this could affect.

You may also recall that one of 2012’s big decorating trends is that people want more furnishings made here in the U.S.—and that’s exactly what we’re doing with Paul’s World.

Are you interested in locally made furniture and accessories for your home? We think it gives the goods a special touch!

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