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A PMC Girl’s Guide to the Hunting Camp

As hunting season approaches we all know we will make at least one obligatory trip out to “the camp” with our special someone. For some of us the camp is our home away from home. We cherish the time we get to spend here. We crave the woods, sounds of tiny critters, and live for the hunt. For others it’s the place you go on the weekend if you want to see your man. We have selected a few creature comforts that will class up your stint as the weekend wilderness woman and make the camp feel a little more like home!

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Brighten Up

Today we pay tribute to two of the hardest working accessories at home – lighting and mirrors. These items don’t often get a lot of credit, but are powerful enough to tie a room together. Timeless rather than trendy, these are fixtures that create a bright statement.

Light from the lamps create warmth while the mirror captures reflections from across the room.

Light from the lamps create warmth while the mirror captures reflections from across the room.

Besides being utilitarian, lighting helps define a room while creating ambiance. From the tried and true table lamp to the chandelier that’s the main focal point, lighting is a versatile accessory that is easy to switch out. Shop our lighting collection

Paul Michael Company has it all - chandeliers, desk lamps, pendents and table lamps.

Paul Michael Company has it all – chandeliers, desk lamps, pendents and table lamps.

We love mirrors – not just for vanity reasons – but also for the reflection of light and other decorative accessories. Mirrors make a room feel bigger by creating a sense of openness. From big to small and decorative to simple, we have lots of mirrors on the wall. Shop our mirrors

On a mantle or a wall, multiple big mirrors create a big impact.

On a mantle or a wall, multiple mirrors create a big impact.

While these are the hardest working accessories in the house, Paul Michael Company makes it easy to transform a room by offering an incredible selection of affordable lighting and mirrors.

Sofa Styling Tips

It happens to the best of us…sometimes you just get stuck in a design rut. You feel like you’ve made an investment and that you need to stick with it. Well if you start out by buying some neutral basics it’s fairly easy and inexpensive to give it an update! You can completely transform a room by changing out the accessories. Take a look at how we styled the same sofa three different ways.

1. Monochromatic

Paul Michael Company + Updated Traditional + Grey +Modern

Use the same color in different shades to create a harmonious palette. Jazz it up by mixing patterns and textures. When mixing patterns remember that scale is your friend. If you select patterns with different scales then you won’t have to worry about them trying to compete…no one wants a pillow fight, or do they?

2. Personality Plus

Paul Michael Company + Gypsetter + Global +Tribal

If you are into a more eclectic approach to design, incorporate items you picked up on trips or inherited from family. If you hate your grandmother’s table and can rarely find the time to travel, no worries we’ve got you covered! You can get the “collected” look you desire by shopping at our stores or online at

3. Pop of Color

Paul Micael Company + Cozy Colonial

This nearly neutral arrangement has a lot of spunk and just a little bit of color. We love mixing the warm red hues with a cool blue. It’s a nice contrast with an Americana flair. Notice how the white gourd lamps and plates give this mostly rustic look a refined feel.

At the Paul Michael Company we have a variety of items that will separate your home from your neighbor’s. We know that this is your most personal space and we want to help you create a home that is comfortable and stylish…just like you!

Catch the Game Day Spirit

Now that football season has kicked off, we’ve got spirit…how about you?

Around here, we’re seeing some serious football fever, and we’re here to help make everyone’s game day a winner. Whether tailgating outside the stadium or grilling and chilling at home, here’s how to throw a football party in style.

Start with team colors and mesh to create game day wreaths.*
Roll in transportable food stations. Our butcher blocks and islands on casters come in different sizes.
Get cooking with our bake ware and prep tools, and a recipe from one of our many cookbooks.
Put food, snacks and serve ware in wire bins and baskets for easy reach and visibility.
Use trays to move food from the grill to the table.
Ice drinks down in metal buckets.
Have extra seating that is easy to move.pmfg_190

No matter what team you’re rooting for, Paul Michael Company has affordable game day accessories to show your spirit. Shop us online or in store.

*Thank you Pinterest for the photos.

Book Smart

We’ve been hitting the books and our library at Paul Michael Company is expanding. Besides keeping us well read, we also like the versatility that books offer, especially when it comes to interior design.

Think outside the shelf to create a smart look. Books can be combined with art, organized by color or turned into furniture. BookStyles

Paul Michael Company has a wide selection of books ranging in topics from cooking to the unusual. Decorating with paper is high design in our book, so check out our library to learn something new while adding character to your home.

Decorations that Mesh

At Paul Michael Home, it’s never too early to start thinking about holiday décor. That’s why our stores are filled to the brim with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. The countdown is on so now is the perfect time to get crafty and start decorating. The creative possibilities are endless when our stores are stocked with:
1. Walls of colorful mesh…
2. Rolls of textured ribbon…
3. Fun accessories…
4. Bright foliage…
5. Crafting supplies to make it personal…

We like to combine all these elements to create one-of-a-kind wreaths and garland. These are fun, easy and affordable projects that can be made at home with a group of friends or kids. Our experts in the Creation Station can even design something just for you, like Tanna’s witch hat. IMG_1672

Come visit us at any of our locations and we’ll show you how to bring the holidays home.

Ready for Fall

Even though the first day of autumn is still over a month away, we at Paul Michael Home are already craving the hearty flavors and stronger fragrances that go along with this time of year. With the arrival of our new candles, now’s the time to fall in love with these seasonal scents.

Apothecary Guild Domed Candle

Apothecary Guild Domed Candle

Scent: Cognac
Fragrance Notes: Fresh Bergamot, Cognac, Sweet Tobacco, Dark Incense, Emberwood, Brushed Leather

Maroc Scented Candle Jar

Maroc Scented Candle Jar

Scent: Nutmeg
Fragrance Notes: Crushed Ginger, Cardamom, Thyme, Clove Bud, Sweet Jasmine & Cinnamon Stick, White Cedar, Amber Resin, Guaicwood & Vanilla Bean

Scent: Turmeric
Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, Blood Orange, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg, Pimento Berry, Sungoddess Rose, Orange Flower, Red Amber, Flamewood, Exotic Musk

Scent: White Pepper
Fragrance Notes: White Pepper, Elemi Oil, Orange Zest, Pink Peppercorn, Jasmine, Rosewood, Cedarwood, Teakwood, White Musk

Alabaster Scented Candle Jar

Alabaster Scented Candle Jar

Scent: Burlwood & White Cedar
Fragrance Notes: Applewood, Orange Zest & Rhubarb, Nightblooming Jasmine & White Cedar, Creamy Sandalwood, Burlwood & Patchouli

Scent: Sueded Thuyawood
Fragrance Notes: Sparkling Bergamot, Lemon Zest, Beechwood, Oakwood, Thuyawood, Patchouli, Warm Vetiver, Musk

Apothecary Guild Domed Candle

Apothecary Guild Domed Candle

Scent: Olive Flower
Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, Dewy Grass, Olive Flower, Bamboo, Orange Blossom, Sheer Lily, Rainforest Moss, Sweet Musk, Sheer Sandalwood

These fragrant candles are an easy way to welcome fall into your home. With such a large selection to choose from at Paul Michael, we can help you find your signature scent.

Putting Clutter in its Place

It happens…we all accumulate stuff. The best way to keep stuff from turning into clutter is to develop an organizational system. This means designating a home for things that are used daily like keys, sunglasses, papers and magazines, and other household knick-knacks.

At Paul Michael Home, we are collectors, so our stuff is more like treasures that tell a story. That’s why we have plenty of decorative pieces that put our stuff on display while taming clutter. For organizing, these are our picks that are available now.

Shelves neatly display curios and tchotchkes. Add some wood or fabric boxes for stashing the not-so-pretty things.

Bowls keep things neatly contained while adding a visual impact.

Collapsible burlap bags are a perfect storage option for toys.

Trays are great accessories on the coffee table for storing books, vases and remotes.

With numbered file cabinets, projects and papers stay organized.

Baskets of all shapes and textures make storing and moving items around the house easy.

Paul Michael Home offers organizational accessories for every room in the house as well as dorm rooms. With our quality products, huge selections and reasonable prices, now’s the time to put clutter in its place.

The Comforts of Home

There’s nothing like the comforts of home, especially when you’re a guest. Whether it’s an afternoon visit or a week’s stay, it’s those small details that make a room cozy, calm and comfortable.

At Paul Michael, we know how to make guests feel at home. Here are a few amenities that can help you be an excellent host.

1. Plush accessories like pillows and ottomans encourage guests to stay a while and relax.

Pillows and a cushy ottoman invite relaxation.

Pillows and a cushy ottoman invite relaxation.

2. Art and plants add visual interest.

Bedside amenities.

Bedside amenities.

3. A lamp adds extra lighting next to the bed. For late night reading, put books and magazines on the nightstand.

Brighten up the room with a lamp.

Brighten up the room with a lamp.

4. A colorful rug gives bare feet something soft to step on.

Add color and texture with rugs.

Add color and texture with rugs.

5. In the bathroom, add glass jars so guests can see where cotton balls, soap and Q-tips are stored.

6. A large wooden mirror helps guests look their best.

7. Candles are always a nice touch that add color and fragrance.

8. A wooden tray serves as a designated space for this and that.

9. Colorfully stitched hand towels are a lovely accent.

10. Fill a vase with something interesting, like butterflies or exotic flowers.

11. A bonus counter top accessory is a radio. This lets guests connect and charge their phone while playing familiar tunes.

Fill vases with something lovely!

Fill vases with something lovely!

As host, be sure to take inventory of your space so that you can accommodate your guests. Paul Michael has all the essentials you need to create a home away from home. From nightstand to counter top and everything in between, we have the details covered so you and your guests can enjoy the comforts of home.

Branching Out

Bringing the beauty of nature inside with flowers doesn’t have to be expensive or high maintenance. While real flowers can add fragrance, the short life span doesn’t live up to the investment. Faux flowers are the secret to year-round blooms that add a punch of color to liven up your space.

Faux flowers have come a long way from fake. Our team at Paul Michael Company has hand picked life-like blooms that can fool even an expert eye. The trick is in the styling. Wire stems invite you to bend and shape blooms into a picture-perfect design.

Make a simple statement with one single stem.

Combine sizes and bold colors to accent neutral spaces.


Mix and match different varieties that have a common palate. Texture from baskets goes a long way, too.

Branching out with faux flowers is easy to do when Paul Michael Company stocks a huge selection. Come by and branch out into faux flowers – the secret’s out.

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