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Hand-Carved Stone Pieces from Egypt at Paul Michael Company

Where in the world was Paul about 5 years ago? Egypt! While traveling through Egypt to find unique treasures for our stores, Paul met an Egyptian sculpture artist and commissioned him to hand carve over 500 decorative stone pieces for the Paul Michael Company stores.After five years of vigilant craftsmanship, the hand carved pieces are finally finished and are headed to the shelves of all four Paul Michael Company store locations. Come see these incredible pieces that were hand crafted with such precision and care over six thousand miles away. These pieces can help you achieve an artisan look that is sure to add a rare and exotic vibe to your home.

Paul Michael Company has two locations in Arkansas as well as locations in Texas and Louisiana. And on Friday, August 3rd, we will be opening a brand new addition to our Lafayette location in Louisiana, so please come by and see our new artisan pieces from Egypt as well as our new expanded store space!
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Can You Guess What This Is?

We hit the road to head to Ohio for the Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market held May 18-20. This is one of the largest antique shows, and the energy level and competition for good deals was fierce. We’re happy to say we found great treasures for our customers!

Take a look at some of the pictures we snapped at the event, and be sure to try to guess what the treasure is…

We made it!

It’s the U.S.’s largest antique mall.

There’s never a shortage of eats at these shows. These grill masters are famous for their 2-inch pork chops and huge chicken breasts.

Can you guess what this find is?

Here’s a clue: It’s electric and made of many MOVING parts.

Leave a comment below or post on our Facebook wall with your guess!

Picking at First Monday Trade Days in Canton

Picking seems to be a popular topic on television these days, partially fueled by the economic times and the trend to reclaim. Before picking gained its popularity, my mom and dad were drawn to the Old-World style of wheeling and dealing centered around the flea market culture. They actually met in my mom’s antique clothing store in Nashville, Betty Boop’s, over negotiations for a stuffed peacock.

Paul got his start wheeling and dealing in antiques for restaurants at First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX, and since then our business has grown to multiple retail locations, including one right down the road from the First Monday grounds.

As a family, we still love to go to First Monday early and hunt for hidden treasures. You have to be patient, though, because there are miles and miles of vendors to cover. And bring cash because the concept of credit cards or checks doesn’t exist. Our favorite spot on grounds is the “unreserved” section because you never know who will be there or what they will bring. On the grounds, you will also find your fair share of new clothing, decor, pet accessories, sunglasses and so on.

These are all picks from the First Monday grounds…

And here’s a look at the grounds being set up…

Once a month, Canton is a shopping mecca, drawing customers from miles and miles around. I think customers enjoy our store because it is 25,000 square feet of climate-controlled treasures. We layer in old with the new and always keep it visually exciting. Also, we serve complimentary snacks and refreshments all day long and start Happy Hour at 5 p.m. every day during First Monday.

You can find a calendar on the First Monday Canton website.

Happy Picking!

—Elizabeth Michael

More Paul Michael Designs are in the Works!

We want to update everyone on where in the world Paul is!

It might look like he has run off and joined the carnival, but Paul actually ran off to an auction and bought more serious woodworking equipment!

Looks like there will be many more designs coming your way once Paul gets his new factory up and running—it will take a few months, but he has an array of new designs, from wall art to furniture and tabletop accessories. This new equipment is essential for executing the designs.

Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page to keep up-to-date on all the latest goodies from Paul Michael Company!

An Antique Dealer’s Life is for Me

After almost four weeks of scouring open dusty fields, endless tables of bric-a-brac and junk, climbing in the backs of many trailers and converted school buses as well as stalls of dealers, we have to say this world of antique lovers is a real community.

It’s a gypsy’s way of life, nomadic if you will. One weekend in Ohio, then loading what’s left and heading south, buying along the way, setting up again, selling and then maybe heading west.

On the road...

You get to know each other by name. This community includes rugged, crusty, hardcore road-loving experts. Most have categories they specialize in, like porcelain signs and toys, buttons and textiles, primitive furniture, reused and reclaimed remakes… it just goes on and on.

15-foot mercantile ladders.

We saw this piece at the Crystal Antique Mall.

They help each other, sell to each other, talk about the economy and weather to each other, drink with each other and, most importantly, respect each other. It’s a hard but colorful life enchanted with the hopes of finding something rare that could bring a great profit. None are rich, some barely able to pay for hotel rooms or gas.

But they say it gets in your blood. It flows through ours. Paul’s grandfather walked the levee camps selling dry goods to the workers. We wonder, is the next generation out there?

—Deborah Michael

Visiting the Round Top Antiques Fair

The Original Round Top Antiques Fair held its 44th Annual Fall Fair Sept. 28 through Oct. 1, and Paul Michael was there scouring the Big Red Barn & Tent, Continental Tent and Carmine Dance Hall looking for fresh wares and hidden treasures.

For those of us in the antiquing world, Round Top is a big deal. Described best on its website:

“Best-of-the-best exhibitors each year continue to outdo the quality of their booths. They continually search all over the country, and indeed the world, for those perfect items to show their clientele, because they know the quality that is expected from customers of the Original Round Top Antiques Fair.”

The event is held in the small town of Round Top, Texas, which is also home to one of Paul’s favorite places to eat: Royer’s Round Top Café. Where in the world is Paul, you ask?

Here he is a few days ago on the porch of Royer’s.

Did you miss our last update on Paul’s most recent adventures? Be sure to follow him as he searches for antique treasures!

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Follow Paul Michael as He Searches for Antique Treasures

We decided to devote a category on our blog to “Where in the World is Paul?” because he’s often out hunting for amazing new wares for our four stores. Sure enough, Paul has been going from antique extravaganzas to warehouses in search of new goods for Paul Michael Company and inspiration for Paul’s World, so we thought we’d share a few pictures accounting for his most recent whereabouts and exciting antique finds. Take a look:

Paul has been getting inspiration from his travels. Seeing this at Kohler’s design center in Wisconsin might just influence his next design.

“This is American,” Paul says proudly. You can’t find this in China.

A father-and-son team try to unload a giant rolling grain bin with iron wheels.

We’re finally loaded and headed South.

These pieces are on their way to made into some amazing piece of furniture. Paul lets them almost design themselves…

We are always amazed how our fellow junkers create the most awesome sculptures out of most people’s discards. Paul was out looking for antiques when we ran into this piece. We loved how they used the different kinds of moss in the grillwork. It’s all in the eye of the beholder… we thought it was a happy face with the spring as the smile.

And now Paul is ready for The Original Round Top Antiques Fair in Texas. Stay tuned for more on this in a future post… In fact, you can follow the blog to have our updates sent straight to you!

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