Change the Whole Look of a Room with Throw Pillows

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If you are looking at your current home decor thinking it is time to update it or that it needs a little more vavoom, you should grab a few throw pillows to give your space a new look. Pillows are a great addition for the bedroom, study, family, or living room. These simple additions can breath life into a room with a little color, or add the subtle touch necessary to bring the room design together.

Throw pillows come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and textures, making them your best friend when decorating.  They are also easy to mix-and-match or switch entirely when you want to give your whole room a new look without the investment of a complete redesign.

The addition of throw pillows can assist in bringing your color palette together. If the colors of your furniture, curtains, and accessories are mismatched, the confused color palette can make room feel broken up or even disorganized. By strategically placing a few throw pillows on the furniture with colors mirrored in the other parts of the space, the room will instantly transform into a cohesive design.  If the colors of your room are a little bland, throw pillows can also add that energizing pop of color more quickly and cost-effectively than repainting or redesigning the space.

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