Color Your Garden with Decorative Planters

Now that spring has returned, it is officially gardening season and Paul Michael Company is currently bursting with a variety of ceramic pottery that is perfect for container gardening.  Container gardens are a wonderful way to add some color to your front porch or your patio, but they can also create beautiful variety in your garden or landscape.

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Celebrity gardener and lifestyle guru, P. Allen Smith, offers some excellent advice on his blog to help you create a successful container garden.  Here are some of his tips:

  • Make sure you choose the right size container for the plant you intend to place in it.  You also need to ensure that the container has a drainage hole.
  • Get soil that is meant for use in containers, and if you can match the type of soil to the type of plant that’s all the better.
  • When watering your plants, water the plant at the bottom of the pot to reach the roots more quickly.

Choosing the right plants for your container is important for a successful container garden, but you should also consider the design of the container itself.  Don’t settle for cheap plastic containers or boring terra cotta either; you can make a statement with the containers you choose, and high-quality pottery will last you a lifetime.  Stop by any of Paul Michael Company’s locations to see containers that can add personality to your porch or garden.

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