Colorful Holiday Décor Beyond Red and Green

Now that it’s November, most people have started thinking about their holiday decorating. Among all the tips and ideas out there, design magazine House Beautiful took an interesting spin, offering its “Top Holiday Decorating Don’ts.” Here’s one of their important recommendations to keep in mind: “Don’t limit yourself to red and green.”

Of course, if you love these tried and true colors, we’re all for them. But if you’re trying to match another color scheme or just be different this year, we say go for it! Bright pinks, purples and blues and metallic gold, silver and copper are all fun color choices to embrace for holiday decorating. Here’s a look at some of the holiday décor we have in this year at Paul Michael Company—it touches on nearly every color of the rainbow!

There’s no rule saying you have to stick to red and green. Just have fun and be creative! Which colors are you decorating with this holiday season?

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