Decorating Ideas for Your Coffee Table

print pillow

Pull from the colors of your pillows to decided how to accent your coffee table

Decorating your home is not always easy. You glance around your living room and notice how you like the way everything looks, except the coffee table. You realize that’s the missing link. Check out these home decorating ideas to get you inspired to breath life onto your coffee table.

  • Add a collection of items you treasure onto the coffee table. For example, display your children’s artwork or prints from your last vacation.
  • Place a throw rug over the coffee table to add texture to an otherwise plain surface. The trick to making this look work is to choose exotic and unique pieces, such as a rug from Turkey or one that has African designs on it.
  • Go for a natural design on the coffee table using sand, rocks and candles. Fill a glass bowl with tiny rocks, and place a decorative candle inside. Light it, and watch how the flickering light makes everything in the room glow.

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image via Paul Michael Co

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