Decorating with Vases to Make a Statement Tablescape

Attractive home decor is a matter of blending shapes, color, and texture. Decorating with vases, and their infinite geometry, colors, and materials makes a stunning table display. Try these ideas to display your unique vases in lovely arrangements in your home.

Try adding a vase to your home decor.

Image via Pinterest

  • Pick a large-based, wide-mouthed tall vase. Place a single candle in a holiday color. Or, fill the vase with sea shells, small crystals, river stones, or preserved fruit. Use the contents to support seasonal flowers or a flat candle on top
  • Choose a medium width, tall, and clear vase. Put gravel in bottom and a live fish or water plant in the clear water above. Place small stones in the bottom to support dried flowers with long stems. Stuff it with varicolored sheets of tissue paper. Or, plant a blooming tulip or other bulb flower in a small base of soil.
  • Now, you can simply multiply the vases described above into a cluster of varying widths and heights. However, you might consider spray painting the bottles in individual colors, wrapping them in ribbon or hemp, or covering them with decoupage or lace. Using candles in such displays accents the color and textures used.

Of course, to decorate with vases, you first need to find interesting pieces to display. Paul Michael Company has a variety of antiques and unusual housewares for your home.  Just stop by one of our stores and check us out on Facebook for more information.

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