Decorative Sugar Eggs

Holidays are always special at Aunt Izzy’s house. Every year, 40+ family members gather at the matriarch of our family’s home. As a family filled with culinary talents, each holiday centers around a festive feast with all the fixins!  One of our favorites during Easter is the inedible centerpiece of the table: decorative sugar eggs, hollowed out and showing an Easter vignette. Like this:

At 92, you can imagine Aunt Izzy’s dismay to see the eggs deteriorate. After so many Easters they eventually broke apart. So, our family pulled together to make a new set of eggs. Here’s how to start your own sugar egg collection. Making sugar eggs is easy and fun for the whole family.

Here is what you will need:

Egg molds.

Cake decorating kit.



Royal Icing.

Food Coloring.

Stand mixer with whisk for Royal Icing.

Decorating Cakes and Party Foods, Baking Too!

Decorating Cakes and Party Foods, Baking Too!

We followed the recipe in this book, circa 1969. For the more tech-savvy readers, we found an online tutorial by theKitchn. The recipes differ slightly.

Aunt Izzy and I did not have any tiny Easter figurines to make dioramas, so we hollowed out the eggs and “glued” them together with the royal icing.

mid-production sugar eggs

Aunt Izzy mixing food coloring in the royal icing.

Here are our eggs mid production.  Due to the rain, they took two days to dry.

Finished Eggs

Our finished eggs! Egg-celent!

And, now, our favorite Easter tradition will be surrounded by the tradition and love of our family once again.

-Elizabeth Michael


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