Decorative Winter Wreaths

Although there is a connection between the winter holidays and decorative wreaths, a wreath can be successfully implemented into tasteful decoration during any season. Experimenting with alternative materials, various color schemes, and cute themes, you can craft something impressive with minimal time and effort.

Stay winter ready with a beautiful holiday wreath

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A comfortable, traditional, feeling can be inspired by a well-constructed wreath in dark browns and neutral tones. Consider using a retired wheel as the base for your project and supplementing it with natural items such as sticks, leaves, and berries.

Bright flowers, colorful herbs, and man-made decorative accessories can combine for an uplifting and fun summer wreath. Try to stick to a monochromatic theme and match existing atmosphere or even use small, fresh, fruits for a novel appeal, though this may cause for a short-lived wreath.

You can also make wreathes for other holidays.  For example, folding together green, purple, and yellow ribbon into a bushy wreath sets a lovely Mardi Gras tone. It can be accentuated with bright baubles, bells, beads, and balls to add a festive touch and adorning the wreath with appropriate masks will pull the message together.

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  1. Lynn
    February 4, 2013 at 11:31 pm (6 years ago)

    Wow, the pictures seems so peaceful and remind me a great winter morning. I really, really like this photo. I always thought about ‘cheerful’ for holidays, but this one is better. I should try to decorate my winter house. Thank you for sharing :)

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