DIY Burlap Spring Wreath

DIY Burlap Spring Wreath

After our last DIY wreath guide was such a hit, we let our Facebook fans vote on what wreath from our Creation Station they would like to learn how to make next.  Our burlap wreath with pink peony accents was the winner!  With Easter in just two days, there couldn’t be a better time to create new door decor for when the time comes to put the bunnies and eggs away.

Here’s what you need:

Burlap Spring Wreath Supplies

Burlap Spring Wreath Supplies

Step 1 – Cut your burlap into about 14″ strips.  Once you have a total of 44 strips, prep your work wreath by opening all of your sprig pairs.  When all of your sprig pairs are open, you’re ready to add your burlap.

Burlap Spring Wreath - Step 1

Burlap Spring Wreath – Step 2

Step 2 – Pinch one of your pre-cut strips at the center and tie it to your work wreath using the sprigs like a bread tie.  Remember to use this pinch technique through out your wreath-making process when tying in your burlap.

Spring Burlap Wreath - Step 3

Spring Burlap Wreath – Step 3

Step 3 – On top of the mesh piece you just secured, take another mesh piece and turn it so that these two mesh pieces intersect at their centers like a cross.  Secure your second mesh piece.  You should have two different pieces, intersecting at their centers like a cross, secured to one sprig pair.

Spring Wreath Burlap

Spring Wreath Burlap

Repeat these same steps all over your work wreath, the bottom and the top layer, completing the bottom layer first.

Spring Burlap Wreath - Step 4

Spring Burlap Wreath – Step 4

Step 4 – Now you’re ready for your flowers!  Remove the bottom leaves off of your stems (just pull really hard and they should come off).  Don’t throw them away, because you’re going to use them later!  Using wire cutters, cut off the “thorns” left from the leaves you removed so your stem is easier to work with.

Spring Burlap Wreath - Step 5

Spring Burlap Wreath – Step 5

Step 5 – Time to insert your flowers.  Choose the area on your wreath where you want your flowers to sit.  Thread your first flower through the burlap so that the flower sits snuggly on the burlap and the stem sits next to the metal wreath wiring.  We like to start at the outer layer.  Cut your excess flower stem wire with wire cutters so that you can see about 5″ of stem wire sticking through the back side of your wreath.

Spring Burlap Wreath - Step 6

Spring Burlap Wreath – Step 6

Step 6 – Twist the stem wire around the metal wreath wiring to secure your flower.  Place the rest of your flowers where you want them and repeat these steps to secure them.  If your flowers need extra support, tie the wreath sprigs around the stem wire to make sure the flower is secure.

Spring Burlap Wreath - Step 7

Spring Burlap Wreath – Step 7

Step 7 – Last step!  Once you have all your flowers in place, it’s time to use those leaves you removed in Step 4.  So your flowers don’t look like a big mush, add the leaves in between the flowers to create some separation.  Attach them to the wreath the same way you attached your flowers in Steps 5 and 6.  You shouldn’t need to cut off any excess.  We also like to pull some burlap in between the flowers and leaves so the flowers appear to blend effortlessly into the wreath.

Spring Burlap Wreath

Spring Burlap Wreath

Now you’ve got yourself a spring wreath that will last through the years!  The great thing about these wreaths, other than being super cute and stylish, is they preserve from year to year.  We intentionally do not use glue in our wreath-making process for this reason.  Just give them a good fluff and they’ll be door-ready every spring!  They can also act as framework for other seasonal wreaths.  Just remove your spring flowers and add other seasonal accessories.  Whether it be red and blue flowers for the Fourth of July or poinsettias for Christmas, these wreaths work well for any occasion.

-Ainslea Hooton

4 Comments on DIY Burlap Spring Wreath

  1. Esperanza
    April 20, 2014 at 4:44 pm (5 years ago)

    Thank you for showing us how to make this wreath. I am so glad that you are not threatened by someone taking off with your idea, because all wreaths are different and no two are alike even when done by the same person. I appreciate your confidence, thank you!! I think this wreath is gorgeous and I love it!! Never knew one could be made with 14″ strips, I will try one and I hope it comes out as pretty as yours.

  2. Shirley Brown
    February 23, 2015 at 3:12 pm (4 years ago)

    Love this wreath. Where can this width of burlap be purchased?

    Thanks Shirley Brown

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