Eclectic Style: Tips for Decorating Your Home

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Eclectic decor always features a conversation piece

Having a love for “eclectic” styles sometimes has a negative connotation. But when it comes to home decorating, eclectic can work wonders – if you know how to work it the right way.

An eclectic design style is great because it merges various elements together very well. Lots of items can easily make a room appear junk-filled. But when done strategically, your home will be one-of-a-kind — an eclectic masterpiece. Here are a few home decorating ideas you can try out to have an eclectic mix of items without a messy look.

  • Home decorating ideas start with bold color. Tie your items together by finding a palette that works. If your items all tend to be green, blue, or yellow, try using these colors throughout the room to tie it together.
  • If you prefer a dark color palette, use a bold rug in a matching tone to connect with items from around the room.
  • Be sure the eye can rest. If your home is so busy that you can’t decide what to look at first, it could be a design problem. Make sure that you add a bold wall of color, or a large area rug that will be a resting point for the eye. This will help make the room look cohesive without being overwhelming.

The point is to not over do it. Extravagant and eclectic pieces are always a good idea, but too many of them will defeat the purpose.

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