Engraving: Imagine the Possibilities!

Paul’s World is getting turned upside down. After attending some major industrial auctions trying to buy critical pieces of machinery for furniture making, the factory is buzzing, literally, with new fancy machinery.

The biggest entertainment right now is our new laser engraver. It can engrave anything on almost any surface. We even took a picture of our head foreman, Sal, and engraved his image in a piece of wood. It looked just like him! (In fact, it’s almost freaky what this machine can do.)

We are currently putting our logo on our cutting boards—it takes 2 minutes and 17 seconds for each one. Here’s a look during the middle of the process:

And a video of the process!

Now, our imaginations are going wild! We have some old slate roofing salvaged during the aftermath of Katrina that we engraved with an awesome fleur di lis. Just think of all the possibilities…. monograms, cool phrases that you could hang on the wall, vintage signs—the list goes on and on.

This laser printer will be a great addition to Paul’s World. What would you love to have engraved?

—Deborah Michael

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