Find a Unique Focal Point to Guide Your Room Design

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One of the easiest principles for homes decorating ideas is to utilize a focal point. A focal point can be any number of different items from artwork to fountains. Because this method is used so often, it is important that you find something truly unique to set your decor apart from the rest.

Here are a few ideas for choosing a focal point in your room designs:

  1. Create an imaginative fantasy wonderland with the help of a bookcase. Place one large aquarium in the center surrounded by coral and shells. A smaller bookcase can easily fit a few smaller well lit aquariums spaced throughout the space, then highlighted with photos, sand, shells, whatever you have to fit the theme.
  2. If you have an interesting collection, display it to your advantage. This is especially good if you have a variety of sizes to catch the interest of the viewer.
  3. Create an amazing collage of pictures you have of your family, friends, or activities.
  4. Find a truly unique piece, like a carousel horse or a hand-decorated piece of reclaimed furniture, and use that as a beautifully bohemian focal point.

The point is to make it personal and not limit yourself to commonplace items. Find more interesting ideas for your decor at any of Paul Michael Company’s four locations, and be sure to check out ourĀ Facebook page!

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