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re-purposed wood

This driftwood horse statement piece screams Boho chic

If you want to give your home a fresh look, pick a few key vintage pieces and let your imagination run wild with old school home decorating. Structure gives way to creativity with Boho chic, which brings recycled chairs, tables, vases, colorful fabrics and accent pieces from the past to life.

Old becomes new with vintage elements placed strategically around your home. You might mix and match vinyl chairs with a refinished cherry wood table for the kitchen. Another idea is to sew patterned sheets or even 60’s shirts into pillowcases to finish your bedroom throw pillows. Go for an eclectic look when you’re considering home decorating ideas. Your guests will be impressed with your sense of style – a nod to the past is always appreciated.

Don’t forget to think of each room as a separate canvas to decorate, but also look at your house as a whole. You don’t need everything to coordinate, but try to keep the overall look modern and edgy.

Are you looking for a few home decorating ideas made easy? Check out The Paul Michael Company’s Facebook page, or stop by any of our stores to get inspired by rooms we’ve created. Remember, a little flair goes a long way in finishing a room in your home!

image via Paul Michael Company

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