Follow Paul Michael as He Searches for Antique Treasures

We decided to devote a category on our blog to “Where in the World is Paul?” because he’s often out hunting for amazing new wares for our four stores. Sure enough, Paul has been going from antique extravaganzas to warehouses in search of new goods for Paul Michael Company and inspiration for Paul’s World, so we thought we’d share a few pictures accounting for his most recent whereabouts and exciting antique finds. Take a look:

Paul has been getting inspiration from his travels. Seeing this at Kohler’s design center in Wisconsin might just influence his next design.

“This is American,” Paul says proudly. You can’t find this in China.

A father-and-son team try to unload a giant rolling grain bin with iron wheels.

We’re finally loaded and headed South.

These pieces are on their way to made into some amazing piece of furniture. Paul lets them almost design themselves…

We are always amazed how our fellow junkers create the most awesome sculptures out of most people’s discards. Paul was out looking for antiques when we ran into this piece. We loved how they used the different kinds of moss in the grillwork. It’s all in the eye of the beholder… we thought it was a happy face with the spring as the smile.

And now Paul is ready for The Original Round Top Antiques Fair in Texas. Stay tuned for more on this in a future post… In fact, you can follow the blog to have our updates sent straight to you!

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