Holiday Party Entertaining Tips and Ideas

Are you gearing up for entertaining guests at your fabulous holiday party? You can make your celebrations even more special by putting your own spin on seasonal creations. Here are a few DYI ideas for putting your personal touch on yuletide festivities.

Holiday party home decorations

Image via Houzz

Personalize Background Music
Even party needs a soundtrack, so choose something that reflects your crowd’s taste. If you like bluegrass, find bluegrass holiday music. If jazz is your speed, grab a big band seasonal CD.

Pass on Eggnog
Some people genuinely enjoy eggnog, but many do not. Keep it fresh with unexpected cocktails like mojitos. If you prefer a dry party, pick exotically flavored sodas and seltzers to add some excitement to your beverages.

Custom Party Favors
You know your guests best, so use it to their (and your) advantage. Personalize party favors for each guest to show your appreciation. They will certainly appreciate you!

Play with Color
Go outside of the holiday box and opt for nontraditional colors. Using color schemes with purple and yellow can be a refreshing change that guests are sure to remember.

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