Home Decor: Wild About Stripes!

Stripes are versatile enough to be used in anything from contemporary to traditional designs. They can be used to create a sense of elegance, or to make an impact. Think about it – stripes can really be used in any room of the house on walls, pillows, rugs, windows, lampshades and even ceilings.

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Image via Elle Decor

Why not consider some of these home decorating ideas using stripes for your own home?

  • Vertical stripes. Popular in the past, vertical stripes continue to appear in modern trends for their ability to make ceilings appear higher, and create a classic look of elegance. Tone-on-tone designs appear gentle and beautiful, while contrasting colors are highly striking.
  • Horizontal stripes. Used more in modern designs, horizontal stripes create a sense of width in a room. Perfect for casual rooms, these stripes develop a sense of fun.
  • Avoid clashing colors. Stripes are great for making a statement without the need for clashing colors that can make a room cluttered and confused.
  • Complementing decor. Solid-toned furnishings are best used in a room with stripes to ensure the atmosphere does not become too busy.

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