How About a Spunky Trunk from Paul Michael Home?


image via Houzz

You would be amazed at what you can do with a recycled trunk!  A vintage trunk from can make the perfect coffee table or end table for your living room.  Old steamer trunks add personality and storage to any room and complement any decor.

The flat or rounded lids on many trunks were often decorated with leather or wood-burned designs, and feature brass hinges, studs and latches.  They were the designer luggage of an earlier era, and now they can add a designer touch to your home.

A vintage design steamer trunk can be used to store linens and blankets at the foot of your bed.  A trunk standing on end is the perfect night stand, especially if you add a small tension rod or some shelves on the inside to create extra storage.  A trunk with a rounded lid can look like a pirate’s treasure chest, making it a great toy box for a playroom.

Visit Paul Michael Company’s stores to see the new collection of old “spunky trunks” for your home.


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