How the Most Popular Christmas Traditions Came to Be

There are so many sights, sounds, and smells that make the holiday season magical. Wouldn’t you like to know where some of these Christmas symbols originated from? Here’s a quick little history lesson on some of our favorite Christmas traditions.

Nutcrackers: These little men stem from the iconic ballet that remains one of the most treasured Christmas activities. According to German folklore, these wooden dolls were given as keepsakes to bring good luck and protection to your home. The nutcracker represents strength and was believed to ward off evil spirits. And today, it is an added bonus that these popular Christmas decorations can be put to use at the dining table!

Christmas Trees: For hundreds of years, evergreen trees have remained a special symbol of winter. In some cultures, these year-round trees were believed to ward of evil and illness. The tradition of displaying an evergreen at Christmas time, however, began in Germany. Years ago, Germans began bringing trees indoors to decorate their homes during the holidays. At first, Americans found this very strange, but now the Christmas tree is the ultimate symbol of the season!

Mistletoe: According to Celtic legend, this plant was cherished for its ability to bring good luck and heal wounds. But over the years, we started hanging this small bushel of holly and using it as an excuse to sneak a quick Christmas kiss. Who knows how it went from Celtic mythology to kisses? But we do know one thing: it’s the most romantic Christmas tradition of them all.

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