How to Stylishly Work Ribbon into a Christmas Tree

Would you love to have your tree beautifully wrapped in ribbon this year? For those of you who want to do it yourself, Paul Michael Company has made another holiday how-to video featuring Ms. Christmas, Julie and our elf, Ann, and this one shows you how to work ribbon into your tree for a stylish effect. Take a look…

Ms. Christmas not only takes you through the process of decorating your tree with ribbon, but also shows you techniques for doing so with two different types of ribbon: wired ribbon and mesh ribbon. And here’s an insider’s tip (shhhh): It may be easier to work ribbon into an artificial tree than a live tree.

Would you like to top your ribbon-wrapped tree with a gorgeous bow? Check out our video on how to make a bow for a tree topper.

At Paul Michael Company, we think Christmas decorating should be fun! Stop by one of our four locations for help making your holiday decorating even merrier this year.

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    January 11, 2012 at 7:47 pm (8 years ago)

    Will you start selling on your web page? I am not close enough to a store to get there as often as I would like and to be able to shop on my computer would be wonderful. If I could order on the computer and then pick it up at a store would save me shipping and then I could buy on the computer and pay by credit card and then would surely buy more when I went to pick up items. I love your large furniture items and have bought several smaller cabinets. I lived in Canton at the time and loved the store. Please sell items on line!!!!!

    Keep up the great products and prices.
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