Mesh: A Southern Decorating Staple

Good news: We’re getting different styles and types of mesh on our buying trip!

Mesh seems to be a frenzy in the South, but I just went to the northeast to see my family-in-law and did not see a stitch of mesh anywhere in the entire city of Philadelphia! I thought it was an odd difference.

These two pictures are from the Little Rock airport…

…versus this one from the Philadelphia airport, where there’s no mesh.

Maybe us Southern ladies are just flashier…?

We’ve noticed that different kinds of mesh, depending on vendor, are easier or more difficult to work with. In fact, our supplier pointed out how some big-box decor mesh tears up your hands and doesn’t “bubble” as well because of lower-grade plastic.

Not to worry, though, because we’re buying many oldie-but-goodies so you can build onto what you have—not to mention many fantastic new colors and designs to add to the mix! What do you love most about decorating with mesh?

—Elizabeth Michael

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