Mesh Carrot How-to – Under $30

carrot headerThe Brits may have fooled generations into thinking that carrots improved eye-sight, but your eyes are not tricking you here! Our mesh carrots are lookin’ good this season, revamped at $30.

Here’s what you need:

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We like the look of paper mesh, but plastic, deco mesh holds up better outside.

Mesh Carrot Supplies - 1/2 Work Garland, 10" Orange Paper Mesh, 2.5" Green Paper Mesh, Asparagus Bush

Mesh Carrot Supplies – 1/2 Work Garland, 10″ Orange Paper Mesh, 2.5″ Green Paper Mesh, Asparagus Bush

Mesh Carrot - Step 1

Mesh Carrot – Step 1

Step 1 – Straighten out your 1/2 of the work garland on a table. Open the orange mesh and let the roll fall to the ground while holding on to the ribbon’s end. Working with the roll on the ground is much easier. Pinching the ends of the ribbon with both hands and bunch your way to the center. Using the springs on the end of the work garland, twist the bunch with the springs like using bread ties. Once secured, find the widest point of the ribbon and pinch and bunch your way to the center of the ribbon, again. Secure to the same set of sprigs.

Mesh Carrot

Mesh Carrot

Work your way down the garland frame, finding the widest point of the ribbon, pinching, bunching, and twisting to make a straight line of single poofs. Try to tie the ribbon in as close to the frame as you can get since you will be adding more poofs to the sprigs.

Mesh Carrot - Step 2

Mesh Carrot – Step 2

Step Two – Starting at the top of the garland again, make another row of poofs, but only down to the sixth sprig. You can make the poofs at the top larger to accentuate the shape of the carrot.

Mesh Carrot

Mesh Carrot

Now, make one more line of poofs down to the fourth level. There are 7 levels of poofs – 1st has three poofs, 2nd has three poofs, 3rd has three poofs, 4th has three poofs, 5th has two poofs, 6th has two poofs, 7th has one poof.

Mesh Carrot - Step 3

Mesh Carrot – Step 3

Step Three – Make your bow. Watch the how-to video here.

Mesh Carrot - Step 4

Mesh Carrot – Step 4

Step Four – Tie in your bow using the wire frame.

Mesh Carrot - Step 5

Mesh Carrot – Step 5

Step Five – Tie on the asparagus bush to the back side of the wire frame. You can use floral wire to secure it.

Mesh Carrot - Final Product

Mesh Carrot – Final Product

There’s your fool-proof, cost friendly way to add a super cute pop of spring to your front door! Even I can do it!

-Elizabeth Michael

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