Need a New Hobby? Think Antiques!

Collecting antiques can be more than just an interesting and timeless way to decorate your house; it can also be a fun hobby! You’ll have the thrill of discovery every time you find the perfect piece for your home, and collecting antiques has several benefits both to your home and to the environment.

Adirondack chairs

Image via Pinterest

Stories of the Past
Just the thoughts that will come when you look at that nineteenth century lantern on your fireplace mantle will have you appreciating your new hobby all the more. Who owned the lantern when it was first made? Who else thought this vase would be perfect for their home?  A good antique can connect you to people of similar tastes from the past.

Built to Last
Antiques are still around for a reason, and that is due to the fact that they were built to withstand the years of use.  Additionally, regardless of what trends come and go in design, your antiques will always be in style.

Environmentally Friendly
Buying antiques is better for the environment than purchasing newly manufactured items, especially those that aren’t built to last and may need to be thrown away in a few years.

The Paul Michael Company carries unique antique finds, and we would love to have you come in and visit at any of our locations. Come to our Facebook page too; we’d be happy to share with you many ideas on decorating with antiques.

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