Out of the Blue: Decorating with America’s Favorite Color

designing with color

Image via Houzz

Despite recent “Color of the Year” designations awarded to winners such as Tangerine Tango and Emerald Green, America’s favorite color to paint with last year was blue. This cool and calming color tone has a powerful effect on our moods by aiding our intuition and encouraging rest and serenity.

Blue comes in a wide variety of shades, each with their own effect on the atmosphere of the room.  Dark navy can create a rich and cozy atmosphere while a vibrant sky blue can add life and energy to the space.  A very saturated blue makes a bold statement, while a grey-blue has timeless sophistication.  Shades of blue all work well together, too, so it is easy to mix and match to create the precise mood you want for your room.

Blue is predicted to be one of the popular colors in 2013, joining Pantone’s Color of the Year and runway favorites Dior gray and salmon pink, each of which work well with blue.  Blue accents are a great way to incorporate this well-loved color in any room without having to spend a lot of time and energy redecorating.  You can create an atmosphere of coastal merriment with blue sea-themed decor from the Paul Michael Company, or dress your home with various blue-colored vases for a quick and easy way to add calm, depth, and exhilaration to any room in your home

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