Paul Michael Company Sale Reminder!

We want to remind everyone about the storewide sale that’s still going on here at Paul Michael Company! The sale will last through January 31, so there’s still time to shop for all your decorating needs.

Wondering about all the great discounts you can get? EVERYTHING is 25-50% off for this “Out with the Old and in with the New Year” sale, so it’s certainly an event not to miss!

Paul Michael Company has four different store locations, including Lake Village, AR; Monroe, LA; Canton, TX; and Lafayette, LA. You can find the addresses, store hours and links to Google Maps on our Locations page. We hope you enjoy the sale!

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Great Storage Solutions for Home Organization

Many people made the resolution to get organized for the New Year, and we know this isn’t always a simple task. From mail and paperwork to craft supplies and accessories, clutter just has a way of piling up. Not to worry, though, because we have an array of great storage solutions for home organization at Paul Michael Company that’ll have your paraphernalia organized and out of sight in no time! Here are just some of our organizational offerings:

Baskets and trunks are perfect for containing clutter while looking stylish!

Stash odds and ends in a chest of drawers while displaying lovely decor on the top surface.

We also have exclusive pieces we design and make in Arkansas out of reclaimed native wood and found, antique galvanized mechanist buckets.

Shelving is another fantastic option for your home organizational needs. Use shelves to hold any number of things, including books, photo albums, linens, and even your pretty baskets!

Happy organizing!

Paul Michael Co. Shows You How to Work with Mesh

Our recent post on mesh as a Southern decorating staple garnered such wonderful response that we want to offer a follow-up post with how-to instruction for decorating with mesh. We have a helpful video—a Whimsical Wreath Workshop from Paul Michael Company—on creating a beautiful wreath using mesh, ribbon and other components. Take a look for excellent pointers on mesh wreath-making, including how to poof it up. As we explain, it’s all about the poof! You can watch the video here…

If you want more help on decorating with mesh, stop by one of the four Paul Michael Company locations, and we’ll be happy to assist you! Soon we’ll have our biggest selection of mesh ever, including a myriad of colors as well as a new natural jute fiber mesh. Here’s to using mesh in décor!

If you’re interested in more decorating videos, check out our Paul Michael Company YouTube channel.

Mesh: A Southern Decorating Staple

Good news: We’re getting different styles and types of mesh on our buying trip!

Mesh seems to be a frenzy in the South, but I just went to the northeast to see my family-in-law and did not see a stitch of mesh anywhere in the entire city of Philadelphia! I thought it was an odd difference.

These two pictures are from the Little Rock airport…

…versus this one from the Philadelphia airport, where there’s no mesh.

Maybe us Southern ladies are just flashier…?

We’ve noticed that different kinds of mesh, depending on vendor, are easier or more difficult to work with. In fact, our supplier pointed out how some big-box decor mesh tears up your hands and doesn’t “bubble” as well because of lower-grade plastic.

Not to worry, though, because we’re buying many oldie-but-goodies so you can build onto what you have—not to mention many fantastic new colors and designs to add to the mix! What do you love most about decorating with mesh?

—Elizabeth Michael

3 Great Reasons to Like Our Facebook Page

Did you know we have a Facebook page? That’s right, we do! If you’re not already a fan, here are three great reasons to head over to the Paul Michael Company Facebook page and click the Like button:

  1. To hear about events and savings. Get in the know about all our sales and discounts, and find out about upcoming store events.
  2. To see tips and inspiration. We enjoy sharing helpful decorating suggestions and inspiring pictures to help you get ideas for your home.
  3. To interact with us! We love asking our fans questions—and seeing all of their responses. In fact, recently we’ve been asking for opinions on our buying trip. Is there anything you’d like to see more of in our stores? Like our page and let us know!

Speaking of interaction, we already have more than 7,400 Facebook fans. We’d love for you to join us, too!

2012’s Big Decorating Trends

Orange will be a popular hue in 2012.

For those of you looking to freshen up your decor for 2012, we want to share some of the big decorating trends for this year. MSN’s Glo did a great piece covering such trends. Here are a few that we’re most excited about:

  • Incorporating vintage pieces is all the rage for 2012, not only for their go-green appeal, but also because they offer that wonderful classic style.
  • People will also be looking for more great furnishings made right here in the U.S. It’s all about going local, and even more special if the pieces are handmade.
  • Pantone has set the color scene by naming Tangerine Tango its 2012 Color of the Year. Add a few pops of orange to your décor to keep it fresh and exciting.

Check out Glo’s whole slideshow to learn about more of the year’s big trends. How are you planning to update your space in 2012?

New Year’s Resolutions…

Happy New Year, everyone! Our Facebook fans may have seen our status update on determining New Year’s Resolutions for Paul Michael Company. We offered a few suggestions and asked those who like our page what they thought. Here’s what we found:

  • Many people would love to see us offer more local art in our stores.
  • Our other  ideas for resolutions, helping Paul design more wall art out of cool recycled stuff and adding more books and home fragrances, also got some votes.
  • Fans further suggested we bring Paul Michael stores to their locales (very flattered!).
  • And one kind woman said, “Anything you do will be artistic and wonderful.” How sweet!

Thanks to all of our fans for their input! If you can think of another great New Year’s Resolution for Paul Michael Co., head over to our Facebook page and share your thoughts!

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Looking to Enjoy Fresh Décor in the New Year?

New Year’s is always about new beginnings, so why not enjoy a fresh decorating scheme for 2012? It’ll be here before we know it!

Updating your home design doesn’t need to be costly or difficult. You can add new accessories here and there for a fun facelift, or go all out with new furniture and layouts.

Here’s an easy tablescape idea: Pillar candles look great in groupings.

Have a problem space in your home that needs a makeover? Bring in a picture, measurements, fabric samples and so on, and we would love to help you choose just what you need to get this problem area looking great.

Better yet, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Everything at Paul Michael Company is 25-50% off through January 31, so come on in to start picking out fresh décor for the New Year!

Get Ready for Paul Michael’s Upcoming Storewide Sale!

Have you started thinking about your shopping for after the holidays? As promised, we’re back with a post offering more details on the upcoming storewide sale at Paul Michael Company!

Beginning the day after Christmas and lasting until the end of January, enjoy our “Out with the Old and in with the New Year Sale”! There will be 25-50% off everything, so get ready to start shopping!

You can find the addresses of our four stores in Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas on our Locations page.

Paul Michael Company’s Holiday Hours

Paul Michael Company is still open through Christmas Eve for people who need last-minute holiday décor, but we do have different hours for the holidays.

Holiday Hours are as follows:

Christmas Eve
Lake Village 9am-4pm
Canton 10am-5pm
Lafayette 9am-5pm
Monroe 10am-5pm

Closed Christmas Day

Then normal hours will resume after Christmas with the exception of:

New Year’s Eve
Lake Village 9am-4pm
Canton 9am-8pm
Lafayette 9am-5pm
Monroe 10am-5pm

New Year’s Day
Locations closed except for Canton, open 9am-6pm

Stay tuned for a post later this week about our upcoming sale!

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