Putting Clutter in its Place

It happens…we all accumulate stuff. The best way to keep stuff from turning into clutter is to develop an organizational system. This means designating a home for things that are used daily like keys, sunglasses, papers and magazines, and other household knick-knacks.

At Paul Michael Home, we are collectors, so our stuff is more like treasures that tell a story. That’s why we have plenty of decorative pieces that put our stuff on display while taming clutter. For organizing, these are our picks that are available now.

Shelves neatly display curios and tchotchkes. Add some wood or fabric boxes for stashing the not-so-pretty things.

Bowls keep things neatly contained while adding a visual impact.

Collapsible burlap bags are a perfect storage option for toys.

Trays are great accessories on the coffee table for storing books, vases and remotes.

With numbered file cabinets, projects and papers stay organized.

Baskets of all shapes and textures make storing and moving items around the house easy.

Paul Michael Home offers organizational accessories for every room in the house as well as dorm rooms. With our quality products, huge selections and reasonable prices, now’s the time to put clutter in its place.

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