Red, White and Blue-tiful

The 4th of July is one of those low-pressure holidays because it’s all about friends and family getting together, grilling out, and keeping things as simple as possible. This applies to decorating as well. You can combine household items to create a patriotic theme of red, white, and blue. We’ve taken a little of this and that to make our table pop with color.

Red chairs invite guests to sit down and stay a while. A white star lantern shines bright when the sun sets. The big blue vase provides a focal point for fresh cuts from the garden. Oranges are stored in a red ceramic bowl, and red delicious apples are good enough to eat. These everyday items are perfect for decorating for your 4th of July celebrations but can also be used throughout the year—talk about bang for your buck!  

So, no need to stress when it comes to last-minute decorating ideas for the fourth! Paul Michael has wreaths, ceramics, lighting, décor, and accessories to make your party red, white, and blue-tiful.


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