Seagrass Baskets, a Must-Have Home Accessory

In a home magazine, every detail is perfect. In a real home, this is not always the case. But interiors can look both “lived in” and magazine-worthy by ensuring that everything has its own place. One accessory that can help you achieve a clean, crisp facade in your home interiors is the seagrass basket.

Suzanne and Lauren from the Good Bones, Great Pieces blog say that this is not only a beautiful and beneficial accessory, but a “must-have.”

“No matter how high or low-brow, this nature-made container always finds its place in the best of the best interiors.”

This simple yet charming accessory can have a great impact on interiors. Seagrass baskets can hold anything, from toys and magazines to firewood and even plant containers. Found in a variety of sizes and sizes, they can be incorporated into any space and any style. Finally, they add wonderful textures and warm tones to interiors.


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Photos via Good Bones, Great Pieces

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