So Many Rug Styles… How Can You Possibly Choose?

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Image via Better Homes & Gardens

The right rug can define a whole room.  Rugs are great ways to differentiate different areas within a room or to define a space beneath furniture.  They add comfort and warmth to wood and tile floors and create extra visual interest to carpeted floors.  A rug can showcase your personality and inform a color scheme.  There are seemingly countless styles and shapes and colors of rug from which to choose, so where do you begin?  Try these tips to help get you started.

Bring a sample of the colors in the room or take a picture. This will help you determine which color of rug will work best. If you have solid color furniture, you can choose a rug with a pattern to help establish a mood. Dark colors will help create an atmosphere of intimacy for the room while light colors will help a small room appear larger. You can also select warm colors such as red or yellow to bring warmth to the room or cool colors such as blue or green to give the opposite effect.

Determine where you want the rug placed. If it’s in a high traffic area such as a hallway, then you will want be sure the rug is durable and easy to clean. You may also consider a dark color to avoid dirt or stains being noticed right away.

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