Sofa Styling Tips

It happens to the best of us…sometimes you just get stuck in a design rut. You feel like you’ve made an investment and that you need to stick with it. Well if you start out by buying some neutral basics it’s fairly easy and inexpensive to give it an update! You can completely transform a room by changing out the accessories. Take a look at how we styled the same sofa three different ways.

1. Monochromatic

Paul Michael Company + Updated Traditional + Grey +Modern

Use the same color in different shades to create a harmonious palette. Jazz it up by mixing patterns and textures. When mixing patterns remember that scale is your friend. If you select patterns with different scales then you won’t have to worry about them trying to compete…no one wants a pillow fight, or do they?

2. Personality Plus

Paul Michael Company + Gypsetter + Global +Tribal

If you are into a more eclectic approach to design, incorporate items you picked up on trips or inherited from family. If you hate your grandmother’s table and can rarely find the time to travel, no worries we’ve got you covered! You can get the “collected” look you desire by shopping at our stores or online at

3. Pop of Color

Paul Micael Company + Cozy Colonial

This nearly neutral arrangement has a lot of spunk and just a little bit of color. We love mixing the warm red hues with a cool blue. It’s a nice contrast with an Americana flair. Notice how the white gourd lamps and plates give this mostly rustic look a refined feel.

At the Paul Michael Company we have a variety of items that will separate your home from your neighbor’s. We know that this is your most personal space and we want to help you create a home that is comfortable and stylish…just like you!

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