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DIY Summer Florals


The summer season brings with it a whirlwind of florals we only have the opportunity to see during this time of year.  While it gives us a chance to work with new materials to create a show-stopping centerpiece, it will only last so long.  The faux flowers available at Paul Michael Company make it easy to update arrangements season to season with the option of recycling different pieces.  Follow along with our how-to video and learn how to create a spring or summer arrangement that will last year after year!  Click for needed materials here.

DIY Summer Florals

DIY Summer Florals




-Ainslea Hooton-Snellenberger

How-To Simple Mardi Gras Wreath Video from PMC Lafayette

Mardi Gras is upon us. For some of us, King cakes replace breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Krewes prepare for elaborate balls and parades. Decorative wreaths adorn the front door. Outfits are planned. Meals are made. Beads are thrown. Some of you may wake up with the rare French disease, Le Hangovaire.

If you haven’t put your Mardi Gras swag up, don’t fret! Just check out this Simple Mardi Gras Wreath How-to video filmed in our store with our customers & staff by Lafayette’s local newspaper, The Advertiser.

Thanks to reporter Sundra Hominik & Mardi Gras aficionado / PMC customer Sandra Booher for letting us show you how we do Mardi Gras. Check out the article about our fab decor here. Hope y’all find the video by Sundra featuring our own designer, Jordan Guidry, super helpful! Contact us at for more instructions. All Mardi Gras decor and materials can be found in our Mardi Gras section online.

Purple & Gold Mardi Gras Mesh

Purple and Gold Mardi Gras Mesh

Colorful Ball Work Wreath

Colorful Ball Work Wreath

6"x10yd Mardi Gras Ribbon

6″x10yd Mardi Gras Ribbon

Set of 4 4in Mardi Gras Ball Ornaments

Set of 4 4in Mardi Gras Ball Ornaments

4"x10yd Fleur De Lis Ribbon - NOW 50% OFF

4″x10yd Fleur De Lis Ribbon – NOW 50% OFF

21"x10yd Purple Mesh

21″x10yd Purple Mesh

4"x10yd Fleur De Lis Ribbon

4″x10yd Fleur De Lis Ribbon

Share with us your Mardi Gras on Facebook & Twitter! What simple Mardi Gras tips do you have to share?

-Elizabeth Michael

Decorating Your Walls with Hanging Area Rugs

geometric rugs

Stunning rugs available at Paul Michael Company

Your home is your space to do with what you want. Who says area rugs have to go on the floor? Make a statement by hanging one on the wall!

Indeed, rugs are versatile – probably more so than you originally thought. If you can’t quite wrap your head around the idea of placing a rug anywhere but underneath your feet, these ideas might help to change your mind.

  • If you have an old, much loved rug that is too worn out to put on the floor – you can use it on the wall. This will keep it from looking old due to foot traffic.
  • You can play around with different sizes of rugs – you may have a small one, triangular one or even a square one, and you can hang it on an appropriate wall.
  • A hanging rug can be used as a focal point or serve as a demarcating area between two living areas.
  • In case you want to use more than one rug in a room, make sure that they complement each other.
  • Just keep some unique decorating ideas in mind – use either plain or subdued colors if your room already has a busy décor or vice versa.

A wall hanging rug adds texture and warmth to your house. Looking for rugs to decorate your walls? Check out on of our stores today!

image via Paul Michael Company

Mardi Gras Is Feb. 12: Is Your House Ready?

Mardi Gras is just around the corner, and that means you can start colorful home decorating! Whether you’re throwing a wild party or just hosting a small get-together, decorations are a must for any Mardi Gras activities. Try these ideas for making your home festive this February.

decor for mardi gras party

Image via Pinterest

  • An LED flag on your porch is a great way to invite people inside, or let people know where the party is.
  • Colorful beads, lights, and a vase come together to make great centerpieces. Layer the coins and traditional beads however you’d like!
  • Recycle old beads and make unique coasters with felt and craft glue. Choose bead strands with unique medallions on them to make each one unique.
  • Go all out with your place settings at a dinner party by using masks, more beads, and festive napkins. If you know your guests well, personalize a place setting by using a mask that suits them well.
  • Of course, no Mardi Gras is complete without King Cake. Follow this easy recipe, put a trinket inside the cake, and see which guest finds it!

Doing your Mardi Gras decorating for an amazing party doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. Get creative, get crafty, and find more supplies and ideas at Paul Michael Company.  We love Mardi Gras and we’ve already started collecting great decorations in our stores.  Share your own decorating ideas on our Facebook page!

Unexpected Kitchen Color Combinations That Work

vintage kitchen design

Image via Southern Living

The last decade of kitchen design has seen a strong trend in antique and nautical whites, granite and marble counter tops, and stainless steel appliances. That’s been an extremely popular mix, but designers and homeowners are beginning to infuse some lively accent tones for some buoyant variety. We at Paul Michael Company love unique and crafty designs, so we were excited  to find this collection of creative kitchen designs.

One kitchen uses a cottage pallet with beige and light brown walls, a weathered white island with a thick, natural butcher’s block top, and slate green cabinetry. Other kitchens pair grays with blue accents, presenting both cool and comfortable atmospheres. Two-inch backsplash tiles, especially semi-transparent glass, make colorful statements in any kitchen.  Bold colors, including maroons, greens, and even some purples, can be used as stunning accents throughout the kitchen.

The Pantone Institute announced emerald green as the color for 2013, and a confluence of cabinets and appliance cladding in rich, warm woods help produce an inviting cooking environment. Some of the vintage, turn-of-the-century pastel greens are showing up again, but with state-of-art components. The vibrant green works well set off with pine counters and some touches of gray. We’re also seeing a lot of open shelving that exhibits some colorful glass and dishware accents, which is a great solution if you don’t want to change the color of the kitchen itself but still want to include some bright accents.

You can find supplies to bring some creative design elements into your kitchen at one of the Paul Michael Company store locations. Be sure to check us out on Facebook and share your own creative kitchen design ideas!

An Easy Handmade Wreath Perfect for Summer Decor

The manager of the Paul Michael Company store in Monroe, Louisiana – Kate Roane – recently shared a wonderfully creative idea on our Facebook page for a charming DIY ribbon wreath. We loved it so much, we wanted to share it on our blog to make sure all of our customers and followers see it!

This decorative ribbon wreath is simply delightful and simple to make! Start with 5 to 8 different rolls of colorful ribbon, scissors and a circular object that you can recycle or repurpose into a wreath. Then, cut several 12- to 16-inch pieces of your ribbon and begin tying them around the working wreath. Straighten the tails of the different ribbon ties to go in opposite directions creating a fan effect. Fill the entire wreath; the more ribbon the merrier! Finally, add a personal touch by using wire to attach a fun welcome sign or piece of art.


paul michael company

paul michael company

paul michael company

paul michael company

paul michael company

What a fun and easy craft project and a wonderful way to greet guests this summer! Thanks Kate!

Show us your crafty side and post a photo of your own handmade ribbon wreath on the Paul Michael Company Facebook page. Don’t forget to “like” us while you are there to see our latest ideas and inspiration for home design and decor.


A Creative Way to Say Happy Birthday

If you love our carrot mesh design, check out this ice cream cone that’s perfect for spring and summer—or even creatively telling someone happy birthday!

Who needs a birthday card when you have this delectable cone to give?

Do you want a mesh ice cream cone like this as a sweet gift for someone you know? We can make them, or our wonderful Paul Michael Company designers can also show DIY enthusiasts how to easily do it themselves with a cone and wreath form plus mesh, or a smaller version made with a lot of “poofing” on top of the cone. Different color mesh can give the look of different flavors for the “ice cream.”

Just head to the Creation Station in your local Paul Michael Company to work on your ice cream cone. We have locations in Lake Village, AR; Monroe, LA; Lafayette, LA; and Canton, TX. Enjoy!

Time for a Girls’ Day Out? Come to Paul Michael Company!

All ladies need a nice girl’s day out once in a while. If you’re itching for a fun day with friends, think about doing what this lovely group did and head to Paul Michael Company!

You can use the time to gather around a Creation Station area and make a custom wreath from your favorite spring colors, or you can enjoy taking time to browse the store—without your man looking at his watch every five minutes! Paul Michael Company is full of treasures, from fine decorative accessories to unique, locally made furnishings, so it’s always a visual experience.

All four of our stores—located in Lake Village, AR; Monroe, LA; Lafayette, LA; and Canton, TX—have Creation Stations for designing wreaths just for you. Like we mentioned on our Facebook page, if you’re getting ready for a girls’ day out at Paul Michael Company, call ahead—we’ll ensure you and your girls are well taken care of!

Check Out the Fresh Look at Paul Michael Stores

All of the Paul Michael Company stores have undergone a makeover!

In addition to lots of new furniture, there are more Easter items and an expanded Creation Station where designers are making the cutest fresh spring and Easter wreaths. We even installed a how-to video in the Monroe location so you can watch how to make a wreath yourself! (You can also check out our Whimsical Wreath Workshop video in this post on working with mesh.)

The French Countryside section in our Monroe store.

All the stores also have designated sections now, including Modern and Chic, Farmer’s Market, Going Global, By the Sea, English Cottage, Here Comes the Bride and Easter parade. The products in these areas go along with the theme.

Nearly everyone who’s come in has noticed the new look and can’t believe it. We hope you’ll visit to see the makeovers, too! We have store locations in Lake Village, AR; Monroe, LA; Lafayette, LA; and Canton, TX.

Personalize Holiday Décor with a One-of-a-Kind Wreath

We’re so excited about the holiday season here at Paul Michael Company! While there are so many fun elements in holiday decorating—trees, ornaments, ribbons, snowflakes, gingerbread houses and more—today we’re focusing specifically on wreaths.

Nothing says the holidays quite like a seasonal wreath, and the great thing is, it can be personalized for your own style and color scheme. Designers at our Creation Stations are on hand to help make custom wreaths (and garlands, too!) based on your selections. Get inspired by these Paul Michael wreaths…

Stop by one of our four locations in Lake Village, Monroe, Lafayette or Canton to look at our wreath-crafting supplies, and enjoy personalizing your holiday décor this year with a one-of-a-kind wreath!

Interested in our other holiday décor, too? Visit our Facebook page for a peek at Holiday 2011 at Paul Michael Company.

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