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How-To Simple Mardi Gras Wreath Video from PMC Lafayette

Mardi Gras is upon us. For some of us, King cakes replace breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Krewes prepare for elaborate balls and parades. Decorative wreaths adorn the front door. Outfits are planned. Meals are made. Beads are thrown. Some of you may wake up with the rare French disease, Le Hangovaire.

If you haven’t put your Mardi Gras swag up, don’t fret! Just check out this Simple Mardi Gras Wreath How-to video filmed in our store with our customers & staff by Lafayette’s local newspaper, The Advertiser.

Thanks to reporter Sundra Hominik & Mardi Gras aficionado / PMC customer Sandra Booher for letting us show you how we do Mardi Gras. Check out the article about our fab decor here. Hope y’all find the video by Sundra featuring our own designer, Jordan Guidry, super helpful! Contact us at for more instructions. All Mardi Gras decor and materials can be found in our Mardi Gras section online.

Purple & Gold Mardi Gras Mesh

Purple and Gold Mardi Gras Mesh

Colorful Ball Work Wreath

Colorful Ball Work Wreath

6"x10yd Mardi Gras Ribbon

6″x10yd Mardi Gras Ribbon

Set of 4 4in Mardi Gras Ball Ornaments

Set of 4 4in Mardi Gras Ball Ornaments

4"x10yd Fleur De Lis Ribbon - NOW 50% OFF

4″x10yd Fleur De Lis Ribbon – NOW 50% OFF

21"x10yd Purple Mesh

21″x10yd Purple Mesh

4"x10yd Fleur De Lis Ribbon

4″x10yd Fleur De Lis Ribbon

Share with us your Mardi Gras on Facebook & Twitter! What simple Mardi Gras tips do you have to share?

-Elizabeth Michael

DIY Holiday Decor with Burlap

Here at Paul Michael Company, we think that burlap simply doesn’t get enough credit! While burlap sometimes gets a bad reputation, this fabric is actually one of our favorite materials to use for DIY holiday decorations! Here are just a few reasons why we love to decorate with burlap during the holidays:

  • Burlap is easy to find and inexpensive!
  • It’s versatile; burlap can be used for everything from wrapping presents to creating a festive tablescape.
  • The neutral color allows it to complement any color scheme and interior design style, from refined rustic to vintage-chic.
  • Burlap adds wonderful natural texture to interiors and decor.
  • Last but not least, burlap is an all-natural, renewable fabric, so it’s eco-friendly!

For inspiration, here are 6 ways you can achieve designer holiday decor with burlap:


1. Make burlap bags with ribbon and holly that are perfect for holding seasonal potpourri or even small gifts.

paul michael company

Via Southern Living

2. Use ribbons of burlap to trim the tree.

eco-friendly holiday decor

Via Apartment Therapy

3. Create your own festive place holders for your holiday tablescape with burlap pouches filled with greenery.

diy holiday decor

Via Laurenscape

4. Make your own shabby-chic holiday table runner from burlap.

diy christmas decor

Via Budget Wise Home

5. Design your own vintage burlap Christmas stockings

vintage christmas decorations


6. Deck the halls with DIY burlap holiday wreaths.

diy christmas decor

Via Pinterest

Personalize Holiday Décor with a One-of-a-Kind Wreath

We’re so excited about the holiday season here at Paul Michael Company! While there are so many fun elements in holiday decorating—trees, ornaments, ribbons, snowflakes, gingerbread houses and more—today we’re focusing specifically on wreaths.

Nothing says the holidays quite like a seasonal wreath, and the great thing is, it can be personalized for your own style and color scheme. Designers at our Creation Stations are on hand to help make custom wreaths (and garlands, too!) based on your selections. Get inspired by these Paul Michael wreaths…

Stop by one of our four locations in Lake Village, Monroe, Lafayette or Canton to look at our wreath-crafting supplies, and enjoy personalizing your holiday décor this year with a one-of-a-kind wreath!

Interested in our other holiday décor, too? Visit our Facebook page for a peek at Holiday 2011 at Paul Michael Company.

Wacky, Fun Things Our Customers Say: Why One Husband Decided to Start Decorating

We had a great show in Houston! There were thousands and thousands of shoppers, all so excited to shop Paul Michael. Glitter stems and picks, ribbons and ornaments were tossed about like popcorn in a theater. And with crowds like this, we often have funny stories at the end of the day—we consider them “customer encounters of the THIRD kind.” Needless to say, we thought it would be fun to share some of these on our blog. Here’s the first:

An elderly couple was shopping for a new wreath for their home. At first the man wasn’t engaged at all, until he watched our designers. The woman decided that they, too, wanted to make their own wreath, so she was trying to pick a color scheme, components and more when suddenly her husband got totally into it, took charge and designed his first wreath—and it was a great one to boot! His wife became a little frustrated at this point and said to him, “After 40 years of marriage, you decide now to help me decorate? I thought you just liked baseball!?” He replied, “Well dear, you never told me all these pretty ladies were here, and I’d be the only guy.” The wreath he designed was beautiful. We think we put him in touch with his artistic self, which he never knew existed!

Be sure to check back to read about more of the wacky things our customers say. You can even subscribe to have our updates delivered straight to you!