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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall


Bedrooms are often the most private rooms in the house, making them the most personal.  One’s personal style is  usually best reflected in the bedroom, so adding bedding and headboards to our product offerings for the Spring 2015 season gave our designers the opportunity to fully dive into experimenting with bedroom looks for the first time in our stores.

For our first bedroom photoshoot we really wanted to go for something unexpected.  Using some fairy tale inspiration, our designers created a sophisticated and striking sleep space.

Photo credit:  Mike Healey Productions

Photo credit: Mike Healey Productions

Photo credit:  Mike Healey Productions

Photo credit: Mike Healey Productions

Photo Credit:  Mike Healey Productions

Photo credit: Mike Healey Productions

Photo credit:  Mike Healey Productions

Photo credit: Mike Healey Productions

Click for bedding, inkblot pillow, sheepskin pillow, navy pillow, navy striped pillow, rhino bookends, metallic mirror, and black sheepskin rug.

Chandelier, reclaimed door mirrors, gold arch mirror, reclaimed wood mirror, animal wall mounts, agate side tables, table lamps, hour glass, antique crates, orange/royal blue pillow, gold loop pillow, gold embroidered pillow, blue/gray pillow, headboard, wood fish on stand, wooden shoes, nautical glass ball with jute, assorted books, coral figurines, bench, and long hair sheepskin area rug available at Paul Michael Company store locations.

-Ainslea Hooton-Snellenberger


Need a New Hobby? Think Antiques!

Collecting antiques can be more than just an interesting and timeless way to decorate your house; it can also be a fun hobby! You’ll have the thrill of discovery every time you find the perfect piece for your home, and collecting antiques has several benefits both to your home and to the environment.

Adirondack chairs

Image via Pinterest

Stories of the Past
Just the thoughts that will come when you look at that nineteenth century lantern on your fireplace mantle will have you appreciating your new hobby all the more. Who owned the lantern when it was first made? Who else thought this vase would be perfect for their home?  A good antique can connect you to people of similar tastes from the past.

Built to Last
Antiques are still around for a reason, and that is due to the fact that they were built to withstand the years of use.  Additionally, regardless of what trends come and go in design, your antiques will always be in style.

Environmentally Friendly
Buying antiques is better for the environment than purchasing newly manufactured items, especially those that aren’t built to last and may need to be thrown away in a few years.

The Paul Michael Company carries unique antique finds, and we would love to have you come in and visit at any of our locations. Come to our Facebook page too; we’d be happy to share with you many ideas on decorating with antiques.

From Skis to Chairs: See Paul’s New Creation!

Things are reaching new creative heights in Paul’s World. His latest creation is an adirondack chair made of—drum roll, please—vintage snow skis from around the world!

These chairs are so cool, and being repurposed from something old into something functional and new, they’re green as well. The skis come from different vintages and countries, making the chairs as unique as can be.

They’re perfect for spending a relaxing day or evening out on the patio, sipping sweet tea or enjoying the latest bestseller.

The unlikely switch from cold-weather accoutrement to warm-weather furniture makes them even more unexpected and the perfect conversation starter.

What do you think about this ski to chair transformation? Leave a comment below to let us know!

You can stop by a Paul Michael Company store to see more of our offerings. We have locations in Lake Village, AR; Monroe, LA; Lafayette, LA; and Canton, TX.

From Tree to Furnishings: Manufacturing in the U.S.

We recently acquired a giant tree trunk, and we know we’ll be turning the wood into something fun for Paul’s World. Just look at the potential here!

We’re not only looking forward to transforming this tree, but also love the idea of repurposing old wood and manufacturing here in the U.S. Going local is a concept we’ve been championing at Paul Michael Company for a while, and now many believe there will be a return of manufacturing to the U.S.—and soon.

In fact, a recent article in the Harvard Business Review discusses an upcoming U.S. “manufacturing renaissance,” including the furniture industry as one of the main categories this could affect.

You may also recall that one of 2012’s big decorating trends is that people want more furnishings made here in the U.S.—and that’s exactly what we’re doing with Paul’s World.

Are you interested in locally made furniture and accessories for your home? We think it gives the goods a special touch!