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Decor That Goes from the Wedding Sanctuary to Your Personal Sanctuary

Many people dream of a spring wedding, and it’s the most common time of year that couples choose to get married for plenty of good reasons, the biggest of which is that the weather is always great, allowing for outdoor ceremonies and receptions that wouldn’t have been comfortable for guests even a month before.

Using decor at your reception that you can later use in your home is a great and functional way to go about choosing your decor. It’ll save you money in the long run as well! Paul Michael Company did just that recently at a wedding very close to us –  Paul’s youngest daughter just got married! So of course, we incorporated lots of goodies from PMC that will fit in fantastically inside the newlyweds’ home now that the ceremony is over.

Decor at the wedding

Decor at the wedding.

Decor at the wedding.

Decor at the wedding.


Decor at the wedding.

Decor at the wedding.

Just to give you some ideas, here are some of the items we used in the wedding that can also be brought home and put to good use. Don’t forget that you can register for all these items and more at your local Paul Michael Company store!


Cutting board via Paul Michael Co.


Sofa via Paul Michael Co.


Chair via Paul Michael Co.


Glass vase via Paul Michael Co.


Decorative glass cake stand via Paul Michael Co.


Decorative platter via Paul Michael Co.

Be sure to visit your closest Paul Michael Co. store for details on how we can help dress up your spring or summer wedding!

Get Creative With Your Wedding Decor at Paul Michael Company

When planning your wedding, the huge number of details involved can seem overwhelming. But don’t let the stress take the sentiment out of the occasion. One way to make your wedding all about you and your betrothed is with custom table centerpieces. Create centerpieces that reflect you and your future spouse. Have your centerpieces tell your story. Below are some unique decorating ideas to spark your imagination in planning your special day.

Image via The Book of Secrets Tumblr

Image via The Book of Secrets Tumblr

  • Memories in a Bottle – Do you have a memory of a special get-a-way that the two of you took, such as a tropical vacation? Try creating center pieces out of vintage wine or liquor bottles. Inside fill them half way with sand and sea shells or coral, then gently fill with water and place short stemmed flower arrangements with draping delicate fern fronds inside.
  • Fish Bowls – For something a little on the whimsical, side try small fish bowls with a pair of gold fish in each one. Decorate the bowls with colored glass marbles, colored sand or river rock. Make each one different to draw people from table to table.
  • Unusual Finds- Look for a variety of items that tell a part of your story as a couple.  Use these to decorate each table a little differently in a way that is still personal to you.

For more unique decorating ideas for your wedding, check out The Paul Michael Company and see how creative you can be!