Take Home Decor to the Next Level with High Flying Birds!


Source: Houzz

Some people like spring above all of the other seasons. We start seeing the sun a bit more, flowers start blooming, birds start chirping. It’s an exciting time of the year, so why not bring a little spring into your own home?




One of the best ways to do this is through spring colors and bird motifs.

Painting a few actual size bird mosaics, either in flight or perching on branches, your choice, will bring that lively vibrant spring energy into your home. Of course a similar effect can be achieved by using wall decals, but a painted mural is a unique way to match the color and excitement of spring.



You can also adorn your home with a variety of tree or bird sculptures or statuettes that can be used to give a room a nice vibe. Birds such as sparrows are very trendy at the moment.



For some expert design advice on how to decorate your apartment to be more spring-like, or just advice on where to put the birds, get in touch with us. Or just browse our Facebook page until the Paul Michael Home decor inspiration strikes you.

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