How to Better Budget for the Holidays

If you follow Paul Michael Company on Facebook, you might have noticed that our first posts for both Halloween and Christmas decorations went up in the same week and before it was even September! Some call this the “Christmas creep,” which is when retailers begin to display Christmas decorations weeks before Halloween. And while this makes some shoppers crazy, it’s actually meant to help! There are many benefits to begin planning for holidays early.

As one thrifty mommy blogger Annie Johnson says, the only way to truly stay on top of your budget during the holidays is to plan ahead.

“… when we don’t plan for these things ahead they can feel like an emergency.  It is so tempting to live like these things are emergencies and pull out the credit card to cover them.  That starts a vicious cycle where you are paying off the last thing when the next one comes up.”

Not to mention, if you wait until you are inspired by the Christmas spirit, you may let the tidings take you too far! That’s why it’s better to actually plan and purchase your Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decor before you are swept away by the holiday cheer, as you are more likely to think carefully about how much you are spending. Why not try to make it an all-cash holiday season? Or how about trying to have all of your exchanges done before Christmas so you can really enjoy the New Year? These are just a couple of the goals you can try to set in order to enjoy a more organized Christmas.

Tell us in a comment what your tricks are for achieving budget-friendly, festive holidays?

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  1. caretakerray
    October 19, 2012 at 1:48 pm (7 years ago)

    I usually decide how much I can actually afford and look for sales/discounts.

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