Traditional Fall & Thanksgiving Decor Inspired by Nature

Certain things just make you think of fall and the upcoming holiday season. Continuing our series on the origins of fall and Thanksgiving traditions, today we are going to focus on traditional autumn decorations that come from the orchards and fields.

Fallen leaves: The easiest item to find and use in fall decor is all around us. Fallen leaves add gorgeous colors and shapes to decorative autumn displays and they are the quintessential sign and symbol of the season.

Apples: One of the most popular fruits to use in fall décor, apples make simple and beautiful displays that remind us of the crisp cool weather and warm apple cider. Many people now use the apple-picking season as a way to enjoy the outdoors and quality time with family and friends this time of year. And since apples originally represented the sweetness of life, it’s a very appropriate way to enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Acorns: From that tiny odd-shaped nut grows a mighty oak. Oak trees once were thought to be the only tree that could frequently be hit by lightning and still survive. Some people believe a plethora of acorns indicates a year of power, fertility and survival.

Wheat Sheaves: A symbol for a successful harvest, wheat sheaves are indicative of bountiful blessings and bring a sense of security and well-being to your home. In ancient times a good harvest insured sustenance throughout the winter feeding both the body and the mind.

Maybe over the years some of your family traditions have been forgotten or perhaps you’ve started your own family and are looking for new ideas. Let this be the year that you start your own treasured family traditions by using beautiful and timeless décor from Paul Michael Company in Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas.

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