Unique Garden Decor Made With Repurposed Household Goods

garden decorating

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Are you looking for unique decorating ideas for your garden? You may not have to look any farther than your own household. Instead of sending your old “junk” to the landfill give them new life in your garden. These reclaimed items can be conversation starters and give your garden a whole new look.

What kinds of items can be re-purposed from your home to you garden. Well, let your mind take flight but following are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Bottles (especially dark blue) for a bottle tree
  • Claw-foot bath tubs
  • Boots and shoes
  • Pallets
  • Glass and glassware
  • Ladders
  • Old tins
  • Coffee cans
  • Boards and other types of lumber
  • Beds, such as futons and even cribs
  • Tables
  • Anything your heart and head can think up

Reusing old household items is a grand way to salvage them. You keep the objects out of landfills and give them new life in your garden. Your garden will get a new look and be filled with objects that were once part of your home.

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