Use Storybook Inspiration for a Whimsical Home Design

quirky accessory

There are plenty of cute and quirky accessories at Paul Michael Company for your little one’s room

Decorating and designing a nursery at home is full of creative possibilities that go far beyond the use of blue vs. pink. Using inspiration from storybooks is a magnificent way to put a stamp on your child’s room based on the fairy tales we all know and love!

Nurseries are commonly filled with focal points on the ceiling to facilitate the development of their senses.  As children grow, we encourage their imagination with unique decorating ideas based on their own favorite storybook themes. Inspiring ideas might come from The Jungle Book decor. Or what about a dinosaur theme for a boy, and an enchanted castle theme for a girl?

In order to create the nursery or child’s room of your dreams, you’ll need to find the right quirky accessories. And you can find all that and more at one of our Paul Michael Company locations in LA, AR and TX! You can also visit us on Facebook to see what we’re all about.


image via Paul Michael Company

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